Paint Correction

Understanding Paint Correction: Cleaning, Polishing, and Protecting Car Paint

Paint Correction: the removal of improper surface defects by leveling the surface with proper polishing, compounding, and wet sanding techniques. Correcting the paint finish will remove haziness, dullness, oxidation, and contamination.

Anything that touches the surface of paint is a source of imperfections: improper buffing with the wrong tool, aggressive washing, incorrect drying technique, abrasive buffing with the wrong polishing approach.

paint correction

Paint defects include oxidation, swirls, micro hazing, fine or deep isolated scratches, bird poop etching, water etching, buffer hologramming or trails. Notice how the lights shoots off in multiple routes, taking away the color appearance of the paint.

paint correction

An improperly prepared surface will reflect light in many random directions which hinders the clear, deepness, natural color, reflection, and glossy potential of paint.

As seen in this corrected BMW, the closer you get to a flat surface, the closer you get to maximum light reflection. The objective of paint correction is to produce a flawless surface without any swirls or fine scratches. The surface should create warmth, glossiness, reflections, shininess, sharpness, and wet paint.

paint correction

Paint Preparation Process is Key

Step 1 – Inspect Car Paint with Intensive Full Spectrum Light & Measure Thickness

Measuring the paint is essential to maintaining the UV protection built within the clear coat and to guarantee proper paint lifespan. It is best to balance paint removal with ownership length, percentage of defect removal, maintenance process, and visual expectations.

Step 2 – Cleanse Vehicle Surface

hand car wash

A high foam pre treatment and intensive  wash will remove all light soiling. Strip as much grime, tar, bugs, and light contamination prior to the decontamination phase.

Step 3 – Decontamination of Fall Out, Rail Dust, Organic, & Inorganic Matter

paint correction

 Decontamination phase removes  rail dust, fallout, water spots, adhesives, light etching, and any surface contamination. Nanoskin’s advanced rubber polymer technology CarPro IronX, and imported paint work clay result in a perfectly smooth surface.

Step 4 – Paint Correction by Leveling & Refinishing the Surface

paint correction

Correction phase can include spot wet sanding, compounding, polishing, and final burnishing with a variety of polishing equipment. Today the amount of correction achievable amazing for the money.

Menzerna Car Care, Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze, and Optimum Polymer Technology Brinkmann Maxfire Marine Dual LED Spotlight, speciality high spectrum LED Lightbulbs Rupes Big Foot LHR 21ES Random Orbital Polisher and Griots Garage Random Orbital Polisher are the many tools that bring a great result.

Step 5 – Protection by Polymer Sealants, Natural Carnauba Wax, or State of the Art Coating

Final protection range from specially sourced polymer sealants, carnauba waxes, and spray polymers. Vehicle color determine maximum slickness, glossiness, shine, depth of field, and durability. Menzerna, Optimum, Blackfire, Collinite,  and many more brands are special options available.

paint correction

Optimum Opti Coat Pro: a multi year ceramic protective coating is available for outstanding protection.

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Paint Correction – Swirl & Scratch Removal

Stage 1 Renewal Paint Correction

Deep clean, enhance gloss, elevate shine, and protect your vehicle for long term ownership. The first step to removing swirl, scratches, and etching. This fine enhancing paint work treatment can remove 0-25% paint defects.

Time: 1 – 1.5 Days

Sedan/Coupe $385 + | Midsize/Small SUV $485 + | Large SUV/Van $585 +

  • intensive wheel, body, jam detailing
  • deep clay bar decontamination
  • machine application silicate hybrid paint polish
  • double coat synthetic polymer sealant with natural carnauba UV protectant wax
  • basic interior vacuum, air purge, light degreasing, and window cleanse
  • Correction Labor Time: 1-3 Hours

    Stage 2 Enhancement Paint Correction 

    The big enhancement package for “neglected” vehicles with swirls, marring, scratches, and contamination. Best for value restoration for new customers not looking to go too far overboard. This corrective paint work treatment can remove 25-50% paint defects.

    Time: 1 – 2 Days.

    Sedan/Coupe $625 + | Midsize/Small SUV $750 + | Large SUV/Van $850 +

  • intensive wheel, body, jam detailing
  • two step paint, metal, &  glass decontamination
  • one step medium compound correction to level surface
  • machine application specialized refined paint polish
  • three stage synthetic sealant plus UV protectant wax
  • basic interior vacuum, air purge, light degreasing, and window cleanse
  • Correction Labor Time: 3-6 Hours

    Stage 3 Restoration Paint Correction

    The ultimate restoration madness for specialty and high end vehicles. For the astute clientele who want the best appearance, shine. This corrective paint work treatment can remove 50-85% paint defects.

    Time: 2 – 5 Days

    Sedan/Coupe $899 + | Midsize/Small SUV $1199 + | Large SUV/Van $1499 +


  • paint correction through multi stage compounds and paint leveling
  • multiple high gloss paint refinement
  • the works – engine bay, interior restoration, multi surface treatment
  • multiple coats of synthetic and natural protectants for that ridiculous wet look
  • Correction Labor Time: 6 – 12 Hours +

    Joint Effort Ferrari Multi Day Full Restoration

    Multi – Day Porsche 1988 911 Blue Restoration

    All pricing subject to consultation, budget, and vehicle condition. There is no guarantee of a “perfect” finish as some defects (factory) can go beyond safe removal. Our priority is finding a package, expectation, and result that makes you ridiculously happy.

    Paint Correction Examples

    mini cooper
    mini cooper

    Mini Cooper S Paint Correction & Opticoat

    paint correction
    paint correction

    BMW E39 5 Series Wagon Touring Paint Correction Bodyshop Repair

    paint correction
    proper polish

    Porsche Boxster Correction

    proper polish
    proper polish

    BMW M3 E92 Jerez Black Paint Correction Dealership Repair

    proper polish
    proper polish

    Porsche 911 996 Blue Paint Correction

    bmw correction
    bmw correction

    BMW F10 528i Blue Paint Correction Detail Shop Repair

    infiniti correction
    infiniti correction

    Black G35 2004 Infiniti Restoration

    porsche 993 correction

    paint correction

    Black Porsche 993 911 Paint Enhancement

    porsche 996 correction
    paint correction

    Unique Red Porsche 996 911 Enhancement

    audi s4 correction
    paint correction

    Audi S4 Black Paint Correction: Snow Shovel Damage


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