Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl


Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl creates a hydrophobic coating with concentrated UV absorbers to protect leather seats and dashboards from premature aging, cracking, and other damage such as color transfer and staining of leather seats.

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is an acrylic hybrid resin that creates a strong, yet flexible coating for these softer surfaces and high resistance to chemicals. The coating contains special matting agents to maintain the original factory appearance of the surface it is applied to.

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Maximum UV Protection for Leather & Vinyl

How Does Opti Guard Leather & Vinyl Work?

Opti-Guard Leather & Vinyl is applied liberally to the surface and left to be absorbed by the substrate. The resin penetrates the surface to produce a permanent bond within the material. This is particularly important for leather seats that are subjected to constant wear and abrasion. As the coating soaks deep within the leather, it is resistant to be removed through normal use.


  • Creates a maximum protection hydrophobic layer immediately upon application to lock in factory appearance.
  • Concentrated with UV absorbers and high chemical resistance, the coating preserves your dashboard and leather from premature discoloration, cracking and aging.
  • Offsets (does not prevents) color transfer, staining and normal wear-and-tear
  • Protects against interior wear, sunlight, harsh weather, and age. 


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Opti Guard is a series of coatings that provide superior protection and durability for all interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, and fabric materials. Consider Opti-Guard Fabric for the best interior protection!

Opti- Guard Leather & Vinyl Cost & Application:

  • There is an extra cost for extensive cleaning to prepare the surface adequately.
  • 5 Year Warranty for vehicles 5 years of age or newer
  • Pricing Starts at: $599
  • Please read Warranty Terms for limitations of the coating



Liquid Finish Detailing is an Authorized Installer having attended Optimum Polymer Technologies Optimization Training.