Our Story

Liquid Finish Detailing Story

 A brief detailing adventure by Brandon Woo

Beginner &  Enthusiast Detailer

In October 2000 my family took special delivery of a 2001 330Xi Silver BMW that would be my car obsession. Natural curiosity led me into the world of Detailing: Autopia.org, Detailcity.com (Now AutopiaForums.com), and DetailingBliss.com. Klasse, Zaino, Pakshak, Poorboy’s World, Ultimate Paint Protection, Optimum, Blackfire, Pinnacle, Menzerna, P21S, Ultima, and Lake Country would be the beginning of money loss. My foundations of detailing developed from endless product reviews, trials, durability debates, smell tests, slickness comparisons, and the importance of proper paint preparation. I learned initially the art of detailing is more of an obsession of technique, skill, and learning cutting edge knowledge. Products and brands are just tools, ineffective without proper expertise.

RIP BMW 330xi Silverstone

Training & Progress

In 2005 I attended a NC Meguiar’s Buffing Class at IGONC led by Dwayne Pfeiffer. Progressing further into professional detailing drew me in 2008 to attend Kleen Car Auto Appearances: a specialty school that teaches solid industry knowledge, the use of world famous Optimum Polymer Technologies, and the certification of BMW North America. I started to push progressive detailing practices: eco – friendly vapor steam technology, ceramic coatings, advanced paint correction techniques, and many other unorthodox tricks.

In January 2013 I was lucky to get into a class led by Barry Theal of Presidential Details / 3D Products of Manheim / Americana Car Care & the world famous Jose Fernandez of Superior Shine. Besides color sanding, paint correction, and advanced buffing, it was refreshing to become networked with some of the best detailers in the business.

NC&SE Detailing ClassSouthEast & NC Advanced Machine Polishing & Detailing Methods, January 2013.

porsche car award

I’m very thankful for the chance to detail special vehicles. Hurricane Region Porsche Car Association Oktoberfest.


Today LF protects, corrects, and perfects daily driven vehicles for discerning clientele. Detailing is a sickness, our clients believe in “serious” detailing. I always stay humble and develop services that fit into a specialty niche. Most important, I want clients that are happy who save money, get great results, and enjoy a clean car. Trust is the most important aspect, so I try to educate everyone. Liquid Finish is not perfect, but it will continually strive to be the best.


After 19 years, thank you dirty 330xi for sparking our cleaning madness.

nxti class
Our Latest Class to Meguiar’s: Fundamental Sanding & Polishing Techniques with the world class Kevin Brown.