Optimum No Rinse Guide

Optimum No Rinse Guide

Optimum No Rinse Wash Guide

In this Optimum No Rinse guide we will discuss a unique rinse less wash system that is safer, easier, and more economical than conventional car washing. This Optimum No Rinse guide highlights the capabilities, method, and beauty behind waterless wash technology.

What is Optimum No Rinse Wash?

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine, or in short ONR, is an advanced rinse less bucket wash system that utilizes lubricants & substantive polymers to emulsify dirt particles. The product can act as a waterless wash, cleaning quick detailer, clay lubricant, and glass cleaner. As you apply the ONR solution to the paint, the polymers protect the paint (from abrasion and marring) and emulsify the dirt in the wash solution. In your rinse or solution bucket the dirt simply deposits at the bottom or in the rinse water.

  • Applicable to all vehicle surfaces, paint, fiberglass plastic glass, gel coat, vinyl decals. etc.
  • Low water availability: apartments or condominiums, drought seasons, freezing winter weather, within garage during sweltering summer heat, or during travel.
  • Wash anywhere due to lack of large volume or water to rinse a vehicle.

Why Use Optimum No Rinse?

    • Gives a distinct slickness and lubricity. It may leave a certain minimal glossiness & protection behind.
    • Environmentally friendly: ONR is biodegradable and meets Clear Water Act & EPA guidelines, lets pollutant discharge into water system. ONR solution can be used to water plants needing nitrogen or deposited in toilet system.
    • Water consumption is very minimal, at the most you use 1-3 Gallons of Water which is released back into the environment safely.
    • Faster & Safer Washing, many users have found waterless washes are actually safer than conventional washes due to polymer protection of the paint. Traditional washes have a higher chance of marring the paint since you rely on soap and water to emulsify  dirt. By simply carrying one bucket and microfibers around the vehicle working each panel your speed increases.

How to Use Optimum No Rinse

  • 2 capfuls (1 Oz) to 1-2 gallons of water
  • 1 oz for conditioning & softening regular car wash solutions
  • 2 oz per gallon of water for clay lubricant
  • 6 oz per gallon of water is a cleaning quick detailer
  • Two buckets  of water – (5 gallons preferably) warmer water is better to release dirt. One bucket for rinse water, one for ONR solution.
  • 5 – 10 Quality Microfibers  – Waffle Weaves & Plush Pile Microfibers really help for the dry stage.
  • Optimum No Rinse – Having diluted ONR in a spray  bottles to pretreat the vehicle really helps avoid any paint marring.
  1. Mix ONR and wash medium in a bucket. Have a rinse bucket nearby.
  2. Apply wash medium to paint, usually squeezing excess amount of ONR before in the bucket helps.
  3. Wipe side to side / up and down, allow the solution to do the work and simply glide the wash medium over the dirt. Use a smooth action, not grinding the dirt into the paint.
  4. After wiping LIGHT passes, rinse wash medium to allow the dirt to deposit. You have the option of using a rinse bucket of fresh water, or simply going into the ONR solution bucket again.
  5. Dry paint with quality microfibers. Inspect to see any marring. Continue working around the vehicle panel by panel, top to bottom.

Extra Notes

instant detailer
optimum car wax
optimum optiseal
Use a waterless quick detailer during the dry stage to ensure  any dirt will be absorbed. Follow with quality spray wax and you have easy protection. Add a stand alone sealant like Optimum Opti-Seal for stronger protection.

  • Reserve wheels last for the dirty or leftover ONR solution.
  • You may pre-treat your paint with a stronger concentration of Optimum No Rinse to ensure proper encapsulation of any road grime.
  • Ensuring use in shaded cool area in a controlled environment such as your garage
  • Frequently washing or changing your wash medium is recommended.
  • For heavily embedded dirt or mud drenched vehicles pre spray the vehicle. Not recommend using it for heavily or baked on brake dust.

Optimum No Rinse Wash Tools

big red sponge

Big Red Sponge by Optimum releases dirt, produce suds, extremely durable, and very durable. This is the preferred tool to Optimum No Rinse.

Wool Wash Mitts are great natural products and are a tiny bit pricey.

Microfibers Mitts or Plush Microfibers – Microfibers have an immense absorption ability and are durable. They would probably be my first recommendation for a ONR wash.

Sheepskin Wash Mitt are cheap, easy to use, and versatile. They are extremely soft when wet and naturally absorb dirt. Grit Guard Insert will help with settling dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket.

Optimum No Rinse at Detailed Image

Wash & Wax Optimum No Wash & Wax at Detailed Image


More Informative Optimum No Rinse Guides

Read further for more intensive Optimum No Rinse guides on the boutique detailing market.

  • “ONR The Definitive Guide” Chris Thomas from Optimum Polymer Technologies
  • Covers the chemical characteristics of ONR, proper dosage concentration, and words straight from Dr.Ghodoussi




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