Rag Company Microfiber Review

The Rag Company Microfiber Review by Liquid Finish

rag company

At Liquid Finish we take car microfibers extremely seriously. Theoretically microfibers, wash tools, and your own body touch the paint, so it is absolutely important to use the right type of towel. In the future will cover the differences between Korean versus Chinese Towels, differing characteristics among towels, sourcing towels in the North America, and a full guide into proper maintenance.

Rag Company  is based in Boise, Idaho and committed to offering high quality Korean microfibers. I can’t thank Jeff, Dane & the crew at the Rag Company Microfiber for constantly emailing me about my order and details about each towel. For the record, I did purchase these at a special rate and nothing was given for free. We always intensively review any towel that hits our hands. Looking at the towels available our Initial thoughts of Rag Company’s offerings:

  • a plentiful offering of Korean specified towels under the DETAIL MASTER PRO line
  • prices are very fair, and in some cases the bulk 10 packs are a good deal for Korean towels
  • Rag Company offers a very diverse product offering not just for cars, a good commitment to broad sourcing

Rag Company Microfiber Drying Towels

Name: Dry Me a River

Specifications: 80/20, 360GSM, Overlock Stitch, South Korea, 29″x59″, White $16.95

Comments: Absolutely gigantic drying towel, probably the biggest I’ve ever come across to in terms of overall dimension. I was reassured this was the cream of the crop drying towel available. Stitching was consistent across all seams and edges. For the price, a bargain. Rag Company advises sheeting with this towel, I would say any reasonably sized car will be engulfed by this towel.

dry me a river

rag company microfiber

Huge freaking towel, bring on the trucks, hummers, and vans.

Name:  Master Clean SPA Premium Ultra Plush or Detail Master Pro Spa

Specifications: 80/20, 500GSM, Hemmed Natural, 29″x48″, White $16.95

Comments: This towel was a complete surprise since the fiber designs are soft yet plush for the size. I would rate this as a great alternative to the waffle weaves most people buy. Softness is very good for drying and the right size. Rag Company indicated this towel would be transitioned out to the Detail Master Line. Checkout the fiber designs, I would be very comfortable using these towels.

rag company microfiber

spa microfiber towel

rag company microfiber
General comparison of the dry me river towel versus spa towel in sizing.

Final picture of all the drying towels. As seen here in order from bottom: Dry Me a River, Ultra Plus 29×59, Dry Me A River 26×36, Premium Waffle Weave

rag company drying towel

Rag Company Microfiber – High Pile Towels

Name: DETAIL MASTER PRO Super Plush Blue with Satin Edge/MicroSuede

Specifications: 80/20, 500GSM, South Korea, 16″x16″, Various Blue $5.75

Comments: Pretty similar fiber structure to the edgeless towels, this towel has a very special lightness to it that is best suited for quick detailing and final buffing.

super plush blue
Top is satin edge, below microsuede, no big difference.
rag company microfiber
Satin Edge:
rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber


super plush blue

Name: DETAIL MASTER PRO Teal Super Plush with Satin Edge

Specifications: 70/30, 475GSM, 12″x16″, Teal $3.45

Comments: This towel is almost the same design as the super plush towels, however the fibers are a bit fatter and the towel is not Korean spec. For the price I would say its a safe alternative cost wise.

super plush blue

super plush blue

Name: DETAIL MASTER PRO Everest 1400 Ultra Plus

Specifications: 80/20, 1400GSM, 16″x16″,  $7.75

Comments: The largest and silliest towel out of the bunch. Rag Company actually emailed me to make sure I had a towel out of the older batch since their latest shipment was out of spec. I’ve held Adam’s Car Care, Detailed Image, and another korean Prototype and in my opinion this one is the most solid out of all 3 for the price.

rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

Rag Company Microfiber – Medium Pile Towels

Name:  Detail master PRO Split Purple-nality

Specifications: 70/30, 450GSM, Microfiber Satin Edge, 16″x16″, Purple $4.75

Comments: Probably my go-to towel due to the overall lower pile that allows a great feel for buffing waxes and polishes.

rag company microfiber
Name:  Detail Master PRO Eagle Edgeless Orange / Blue

Specifications:  80/20, 500GSM, Ultrasonic Cut, 16″x16″, Orange / Blue $5.95

Comments: Great pile for this towel and good softness, I would use these for stand alone sealants such as Optimum Opti-Seal or Quick Detailing. I could feel absolutely no harsh edges from the ultrasonic cut. The blue version of this towel in my opinion is simply the same towel in a different color / size offering.
eagle edgeless

rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

eagle edgeless

Rag Company Microfiber – Low Pile Towels

Name:  Detail Master PRO The Miner: Premium Metal Polishing Towel

Specifications:  80/20, 350GSM, Overlock, 16″x16″, Grey $2.85

Comments: This towel has conservative of pile length, I would actually recommend it for hard buffing polishes and tough waxes. Probably best use for would be large metal surfaces
rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

Name:  Detail Master PRO Tundra (Dual Pile White Plus)

Specifications:  80/20, 420GSM, Satin Edge, 16″x26″, White $4.95

Comments: One of my favorites for a great balance of softness, sizing, and buffing ability. I regularly use a 400 GSM towel for waxes and polishes.

rag company microfiber

rag company microfiber

Name:  DETAIL MASTER Microfiber Terry Towel

Specifications:  80/20, 350GSM, Overlock, 16″x16″, Blue $2.45

Comments: Don’t let the low pile scare you, a huge majority of towel use is for general wheel, interior, and dirty duty which this towel is perfect for. One of the densest low volume towels I’ve come across and not cheap one bit.

all purpose microfiber

all purpose microfiber

Rag Company Microfiber – Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Of the very few companies that offer Korean Microfibers (Microfiber Madness, CarPro, Pakshak) I would definitely rate Rag Company Microfiber as one of the top in North America.Korean based towels should be strictly used for: delicate paint, drying, and fine surface work. If I were to do a big order I would order:

1) Tundra – for buffing off waxes  and all in one polishes

2) Purple-nality – for waxes or sealants

3) Super Plush – for quick detailing and final buffing

4) Eagle Edgeless – for spray on sealants

5) Miner – for all purpose tough buffing duties

Either Dry Me A River or Spa towels will work great. I’m intrigued that Rag Company has such a unique SPA Towel, I would prefer it at the moment.

Car microfibers are often heavily priced without the proper quality standards. Especially Korean based towels due to the higher quality are a harder sell for many companies. For $2-3 the best deals to the had from the Rag Company Microfiber are the bulk deals such as the Super Plus and their other bulk deals.

super plush rag company


The Rag Company Microfiber were great to deal with and I never had an issue with ordering or their patience in waiting for this review over the thanksgiving break. Both Dry Me A River & Spa Towels are dangerously huge for what they offer and it’s great to see something else on the market. With reasonable pricing, great customer service, and unique towel offerings I gladly support the Rag Company Microfiber!