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Educating the general public of the boutique detailing world. All these guides and articles try to promote the importance of skill over product.

Detailing Guides: Do It Yourself & Instructions


wheel care guide
wheel cleaner guide
tire care


Ultimate Wheel Care Guide – the best wheel brushes, chemicals, wheel protection.
Effective Wheel Cleaners – the most popular rinse off & gel foam cleaners to deep clean your wheels and ensure easy cleaning.
Tire Care Guide – deep cleaning tires, understanding Antiozonants, water based versus solvent based dressings, the best wet or matte dressings.



learn car detailing
microfiber care
learn car detailing


Optimum No Rinse Guide – the safest car wash without the pain of soap foam. Drought, apartment, and environmentally friendly.Wash style for the most pristine and sensitive of surfaces.
Microfiber Care Guide – essential cleaning procedures for caring for your microfibers: washing temperature, free-rinse detergents, vinegar rinsing, drying methods, boiling method, and proper organization.
Detailing Maintenance Guide – how to wash your vehicle with the best car wash, wash tools, and detailing chemicals. What we recommend to preserve all the protection on your vehicle.



safely wash your car
Safely Wash Your Vehicle – the most important guide to properly wash your vehicle after a detailing session. Don’t scratch your car!

microfiber towel

cheap orbital guide

Detailing Event Coverage


opti coat training

Liquid Finish & Optimum Polymer Technologies Optimization Training – Opti Coat & More! 

car detailing

Meguiar’s Sanding & Polishing NXTi 2014: the elite once a year paint correction seminar

car detailing

PCA Oktoberfest Hurricane Region 2014 – Our coverage of the annual show & shine.


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