How to Care for your Ceramic Coating

How to Care for your Ceramic Coating!

Safely wash your vehicle and ensure you properly use the right tools and techniques!

Optimum No Rinse Guide

Wash by hand frequently preferably with a rinseless product like Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax



When drying use OptiSeal  or Optimum Car Wax, always add protection!

optimum quick detailer

Use an instant detailer whenever wiping the paint, try to avoid any hard debris or dry buffing

microfiber towel

Use high quality microfibers and wash them properly

MicrofiberTech, RagCompany, or Autofiber for great value and performance.

Get a Professional Treatment!

bring in your vehicle for an 6 month or 12 month service

avoid cheap car washes: no bristle or touch based car washes

avoid any improper physical abrasion: improper touching or detailing

avoid rinsing your vehicle with water, it will water spot in the sun!

Liquid Finish Detailing is based in Apex, Cary, and Raleigh specializing in paint correction and Opti Coat Pro Plus. Operated by one Madman with a sole focus to keep customers happy with unique services and products. 

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