Clients & Testimonials

Liquid Finish Detailing Clients & Testimonials

Clients drive Liquid Finish Detailing through their support and trust. How people find Liquid Finish:

  • word of mouth from an existing client
  • car centric people looking for the next level of detailing who lack time or expertise
  • beginner detailers who want to learn how to improve
  • emergency paint problems from improper car detailing
  • paint work solutions to avoid a visit to body shop
  • correcting issues from dealership, detail shop, or body shop work

Ultimately people value quality over price and convenience. Think of Liquid Finish as a small barber shop with a special clientele. I will always try to offer the best quality for your budget and expectation. The work commands a higher price point due to the specialty, care, and amount of labor in each vehicle.

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Inquire in the Hurricane Region Porsche Club of America or Carolina Region Triangle Area Porsche of America



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