Ceramic Coating Myths & Truths

Ceramic Coating Myths & Truths

Ceramic Coatings are extremely popular, however they are often highly misunderstood and can lead to a ton of confusion. Always ask your installer for real world performance, durability questions, and proper maintenance. Here are some common ceramic coating myths and truths!


coatings don’t need maintenance: I never need to wash my car!

Coatings will cut down wash time and effort. Proper technique and tools will ensure your coating’s durability. Your vehicle will get dirty! Coatings are best for people who hand wash and frequently maintain their vehicle



Coatings are permanent: bulletproof surface protection forever!

the effective lifespan greatly varies on maintenance and how often it is brought in for a 6 – 12 month detailing session. Everything has a life expectancy and will breakdown with time.



coatings will chip or peel off

Any good quality coating will not peel off since the layer microscopically bonds properly into surface. When the coating has failed it will simply shed less, bead less, and wear away.



coatings protect against scratches, rock chips, and dents

You need paint protection film for chips and scratches to absorb the brunt of damage. Coatings are sacrificial layers to hard damage like brushing up against paint or very light scratching. Dents can absolutely damage the metal underneath a coating.



I have 7, 9, 10H Diamond Hardness Protection!

Pure marketing claims overstating paint hardness. Proper hardness claims are really measured on a pencil hardness scale and shouldn’t translate to a “diamond MOHS” hard surface.



coatings are glossier than sealants or waxes

Dependent on a vehicle’s condition, but shine is all about prep work. What a detailer applies to a vehicle after proper paint correction is the cherry on top.



coatings are chemical resistant

Most coatings are highly resistant to chemicals. However degreasers, solvents, acids, and anything that can etch should always be removed immediately.



coatings are self healing

A very small amount of coatings are self healing and there is a limit to re-healing. PPF is far more common for self healing thick protective layer.



coatings are fire (or graffiti, flame thrower, forcefield, etc) proof

Pure a marketing! Lighter fluid burns at a lower rate and doesn’t take into account friction or UV degradation. The hottest point of a flame is the tip! Nothing is indestructible!



coating warranties represent the lifespan of the product

It’s impossible to measure or understand how long a coating will last. Durability all varies on the maintenance, quality of installation, and paint quality.



never wax my car after a ceramic coating

Always apply a spray booster or nourishing wash solution for your coating. A thick sealant or carnauba wax is not recommended.



Using no soap or never hand washing after a ceramic coating

Using no soap will reduce the longevity and scratch the paint. Do not rinse your vehicle with hard water, water spots will occur!

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