Gyeon CanCoat Evo

Gyeon CanCoat Evo



Gyeon CanCoat Evo is essentially a  si02 coating in a can, designed to help you save time when protecting your paint!  CanCoat Evo is glossy protective durable layer with strong hydrophobic properties. It helps protect the paint from UV rays, strong chemicals, bird droppings, road salt and other road grime. One coat will last up to 12 months according to the manufacturer.

Gyeon coatings have been completely redesigned and this technology has never used before in car coatings. Evo products utilize a world-first use of the fluoro-modified polisylazane technology that pushes the Evo line to the forefront of car coatings. This technology means extended durability, extreme chemical resistance, longer lasting performance, and only one layer is needed. It remains easy to apply and much easier wipe off than before.

  • Beading: 4/5
  • Self Cleaning: 4/5
  • Durability: Up to 12 months/12k km

Gyeon CanCoat EVO is the most versatile SiO2 based coating that now offers more durability, improved visual enhancement and hydrophobic properties – all thanks to the updated EVO formula. Apply it on paint, trim, rims, metal, carbon fiber or PPF/vinyl. Use CanCoat EVO as a stand-alone coating or as a topcoat.

Lexus RX350 Gyeon CanCoat Evo

Range Rover Gyeon CanCoat Evo

VW Golf R Gyeon CanCoat Evo

Volvo Wagon Gyeon CanCoat Evo

Lexus ES 350 Gyeon CanCoat Evo