Car Detailing Maintenance

Car Detailing Maintenance

Maintenance of the vehicle with the right tools and chemicals is the most important aspect of detailing. Whatever touches the finish of your paint can either do damage or preserve the finish. These products are recommended based on popularity, performance, personal usage, and under the empire! 


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Order These Essential Products:

Ceramic Spray Maintenance – Beadmaker
Rinseless Soap Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax
Regular Car Soap Optimum – Soap or Hydr02 Foam
Drying Towel: Pluffle or Dry Me A River
Dirt & Dust Spray Wipe: Quick Detailer – Opti Clean
Gloss Wipe Optimum – Gloss Enhancer
Paint Towels: Eagle Edgeless
Spray Wax (Bi Weekly) – Optimum Spray Wax
Easy Sealant (Monthly) – Opti Seal


I recommend TheRagCompany or Autofiber Microfiber. Please read the Ultimate Microfiber Care Guide

Buffing & Detailing Towels
Eagle Edgeless – 500g Thick Towel
Creature Edgeless – 420g General Towel
Spectrum – 420g General Towel
Minx Royale – 450g Buffing Towel
Everest – 550g/800g/1100g Thickest Towels
Black All Purpose Towels – Interior, Wheels, Door Jams

Drying & Window Towels
Dry Me A River
Waffle Weave Window 16×16



Premium Cyclone Wash Mitts Tiny bit more luxurious and soft for your paint

Microfber Chenille Knobby Mitt releases dirt, produce suds, extremely durable, very cheap


Wheel Detailing Guide

Detail Buddy Boars Hair Brush – Best for fine wheel cleaning around lug nuts and edges

Wheel Woolie – Great for rear wheel barrels and hard to reach areas

Mother’s Wheel Face Brush – Best overall wheel cleaner for large surface area

Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaners: Sonax Wheel Cleaner PlusAdams Deep Wheel Cleaner
Griot’s Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner

Tire Shine: Hyper Dressing or Chemical Guys VRP

Body Wash

Optimum No Rinse Wash & Wax – Safe solution for weekly or monthly washing. Read my ONR Guide.

Hydr02 Foam– For Max Protection or Optimum Car Soap for Traditional Soap


Interior & GLASS


P&S XPress Interior Cleaner – great for all purpose cleaning and refreshing your interior.

CarPro Clarify For Glass Cleaning + Waffle Weave Window 16×16

Quick Detailer/Waterless Wash

Optimum Opti-Clean cleans utilizing waterless technology and extremely safe for your finish while leaving a great shine.

Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer  to make your paint slick and shiny.