Optimization Training: Opti Coat Training Two Day Event

Opti Coat Training – “Optimization Training”

Recently completed a two day Optimum “Optimization Training” or as I call it “Opti Coat Training”. I’ve always been a gigantic fan of Optimum No Rinse, Hyper Polish, and Optimum Car Wax. Optimum Car Care‘s philosophy has been to make revolutionary, efficient, and progressive products. It’s making detailing easier, far more efficient, and profitable. So what is Optimization training?

The Basics

What: Certified Training by Optimum Polymer Technologies

Where: 4130 Senator St, Memphis, TN at the “Mothership”

Who: For all inquiring vehicle care individuals looking to advance their knowledge, skill, and “detailing” mindsets. Operated by IDA Trainers, Optimum Product/Regional Representatives, and the entire crew at Optimum Polymer Technologies

How: Two days of training starting from 8am to 10pm. Sign up by emailing [email protected] Cost is $1500, includes three hotel nights, beverages, and meals. Individuals get a $500 product credit to future orders.

Why: To be a certified Opti Coat installer requires proper training and understanding the entire “Optimum Synergy” system.


Opti Coat Training – A Review

It’s a great value: $1500 is cheap considering the fee includes three nights of lodging, all meals, and a total of 24 hours of training is given. You will learn how to use every Optimum car care product to operate efficiently and profitably. The sales and marketing component is invaluable to learn how to properly sell Optimum’s coatings. $500 in product credit is given on completion, so a total investment of $1000 plus travel fees to Optimum is extremely reasonable.

A huge variety of skill and backgrounds: Expect to see fellow authorized installers, optimum employees from all backgrounds, various detailers of large or small operations, and a plentiful amount of representatives around the car industry. This training session areas of skill ranged from boat detailing, paintless dent removal, protective film installers, a Lake Country Manufacturing representative, The Rag Company representative, and even Optimum’s resident paint protection film installer (Mack) was in attendance.

Think Easy. All Optimum products are made to be interchangeable and interconnected so detailing becomes dirt easy. Personally the use of a pad washer and reducing polishing options with the Hyper polishing system is an absolute game changer. If you are even considering being an Authorized Installer for any of Optimum’s coatings, please take the course to eliminate any possible issues that can arise during preparation or application of their products.

A Few Tips:

Transportation to Optimum: On the weekend, generally there are plenty of people who will rent a vehicle, so you can carpool for both days. You maybe lucky to carpool to the airport, just ask around your class. You only need to consider getting to your hotel (15 minutes from Optimum, slightly 20 minutes from the airport) the night before and day of departure. I rented a vehicle, it was quite affordable for 3.5 days at $51.

Try the BBQ: Before and after both training days, do try and visit the many BBQ Joints in the area. You really won’t have time to go anywhere during the 12+ hour days. If I were anyone, try Payne’s, Central, A&R, One and Only, Cozy Corner, and Bar-B-Q Shop.


Opti Coat Training – Pictures

To see all my pictures visit Facebook: Optimization Training 2017 February

opti coat training

Less theory, more hands on everything. You will be shown how every product works to make your life easier. As seen here the miracle power of Optimum No Rinse’s encapsulation and suspension to safely clean paint.

opti coat training

Real world conditions, all panels were just random unclean panels from a junkyard. No mercy or easy conditions!

opti coat training

Learning how heat and speed play with polishing efficiency. Optimum’s water based Hyper system is a slow and low system.

opti coat training

4 Bottles, 4 pads, 2 machines. It may seem like you have to change a ton of conditions, but you can simplify your choices and isolate buffing variables.

opti coat training

Paint refinishing starts from decontamination, wet sanding, polishing, and finishing. Fun seeing how Norton abrasives work.

opti coat training

No need to be afraid of a wool pad and a rotary! The key is heat reduction and speed management.

opti coat training

How to apply Opti Coat Pro, Opti Coat Pro Plus, and Gloss Coat. You will also get experience with Leather Guard, Trim Protect, OptiLens, Glass Coating, Bedliner, and even protection film.

opti coat training

Special Optimum Bedliner demonstration. This water based system has a ridiculously cheap equipment cost, all that is needed is a closed off area for spraying the bedliner.

opti coat training

Factory in the distance. Everything is made here, nothing rebadged which can’t be said for many coating companies in the market.

Opti Coat Training – Completion

opti coat training

At the end of your Opti Coat training you will get to meet Dr.G. Thanks to Yvan, Mack, Dann, and the team at Optimum Car Care. I have been a fan boy of Optimum Polymer Technologies for years. Without a doubt the company radically helps detailers survive.

Brandon Woo

IDA Certified Detailer 2017

Authorized Opti Coat Installer


  • Louis Prince on Aug 19, 2017 Reply

    I would like to know when is the next class

  • Joe lillquist on Feb 26, 2017 Reply

    Hello my name is joe I own a sublet reconditioning company and recently landed a major truck dealership and I’m looking to provide bedliners as a service. I’ve inquired about a few applications such as rhino line x etc. What is the start up cost? I already have a facility I do rustproofing out of so closed off space is already in place? I’m looking to do something asap so time is of the essence. Thank you Kleentech.

    • Brandon Woo on Feb 26, 2017 Reply

      Hi Joe! I’ve sent an email and would recommend contact Optimum Polymer Technologies directly –

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