Level 1 Vehicle Renewal: Our Most Popular Renewal & Refresh Package

Level 1 Vehicle Renewal Package

Detail Type:

Renewal Polish Refinement


Our most popular package for introducing your vehicle to paint correction. Essential cleaning and protection to maintain your like new or new vehicle. Add glossy shine from proper deep paint cleaning and light polishing to ensure a proper based for longterm protection to your paint. With our technology and advanced chemicals, this package fulfills 95% of our customer base.

Cost –  Sedan/Coupe $425 + | Midsize/Small SUV $525 + | Large SUV/Van $625 +

Correction Labor Time: 1-3 Hours

*Subject to Client Expectations & Vehicle Condition + Intensiveness of Interior Work

Package Details:

  • 1 Day Service  to 1.5 Day Service- 5-12 Hours
  • 0-25% Paint Defect Removal (Swirl, Scratch, Hazing, Marring, Etching) – Priority is adding Gloss & Shine 
  • Minimal paint thickness reduction and superior paint protection
  • Will not remove super deep defects such as random isolated scratching, severe swirls, marring, or correct years of neglect
  • All flat panels of vehicle will be polished such as doors, fenders, trunk, roof, hood. Safe accessibility for polishing is key
  • Emphasis on topside portions (hood, fenders, roof, trunk of the vehicle, anything lower than knee line is worked at a lessor aggressive level
  • Small areas are done by hand or with a small 4inch buffer attachment (mirrors, bumper edges, small concave areas less than 2-4 inches in size)
  • All bumpers, side skirts, are lightly buffed, preserve the integrity of the plastic by being less aggressive

Exterior Process:

  • pre rinse + exterior wash of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber, waterless wash, and compressed air
  • wheels & wheel wells deep cleaned & dressed
  • tires degreased & dressed with water based dressing
  • paint, metal, &  glass decontamination with clay
  • fall out remover applied to paint surface
  • specialized hybrid silicate refinement paint polish
  • double coat synthetic sealant plus natural UV protective wax
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, trim
  • metal polishing of trim or exhaust pipe area
  • trim detailing: mirrors, rockers, and any available trim dressed
  • clean interior and exterior windows
  • basic interior vacuum, air purge, light degreasing, and window cleanse


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White Tesla Model S Renewal

silver bmw m3
BMW E90 M3 Silverstone Renewal & Protection

black lexus isf

Lexus IS-F Black Renewal & Opticoat Wheel Application

porsche turbo detail

Porsche 996 991 Silver Renewal

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