LF Restoration: 2000 Red Porsche Boxster S

Worked on this Boxster in and out over the years. This car was in mediocre condition and in desperate need of some polishing. Worst part was trying to clean all the jams with steam + water since dirt had accumulated so badly.

Wheels  – Sonax Wheel Cleaner, Optimum Power Clean, various brushes. IronX Decontamination

Tires – Auto Finesse Tire Gloss

Wash – Bath with Optimum Wash, Power Clean – Pre Wash/Prep Paint.

Clay  – Yellow Erazer Clay + Optimum No Rinse

Polish – M105 with Cutting MF Pad, D300 with Cutting Pad, P085RD Menzerna + White Polishing Pad.

Wax – Auto Finesse Tough Sealant x 2, OptiSeal x1, Optimum Car wax

Trim – Optimum Protectant, Poorboy’s Trim Restorer

Gaps – Steam, Water, Power Clean & elbow grease

Interior – Steam with VX5000, Optimum Protectant Plus

Various Products: OptiClean, Adam’s QD.

Must say I love Meguiar & Menzerna polishes! Made the joy of polishing worth it for the 6 + hours I was going at it.


red porsche boxster
red porsche boxster
red porsche boxster

red porsche boxster
red porsche boxster
red porsche boxster

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