Level 2 Vehicle Enhancement: Best Value Detail Package

Level 2 Vehicle Enhancement Package

Detail Type:

Minor Paint Correction – Vehicle Enhancement


Our best value package for enhancing your vehicle that has serious paint defect issues. Drastically improve your paint while maintaining the paint thickness integrity. We do not claim it can fully correct a surface and make it swirl free. After proper vehicle cleaning and decontamination, we do a test panel as an example for client approval. Our final results are based off of client expectations (budget, visibility, ownership length), how the vehicle reacts (paint hardness, severity of damage), and what is the proper safe effective procedure.

Cost* – Sedan/Coupe $725 + | Midsize/Small SUV $875 + | Large SUV/Van $975 +

Correction Labor Time: 3-6 Hours

*Subject to Client Expectations & Vehicle Condition

Package Details:

  • 1 Day to 1.5 Day Service involves 8-15 hours if not more time.
  • 25-50% Paint Defect Removal of swirls, scratches, hazing, marring, etching
  • Will not remove deep defects such as random isolated scratching, severe swirls, marring, or correct years of neglect
  • – All flat panels of vehicle will be polished such as doors, fenders, trunk, roof, hood. Safely accessibility for polishing is key
  • – emphasis on topside portions (hood, fenders, roof, trunk of the vehicle, anything lower than knee line is worked at a less aggressive level
  • – small areas are done by hand or with a small 4inch buffer attachment (mirrors, bumper edges, small concave areas less than 2-4 inches in size)
  • – All bumpers, side skirts, are lightly buffed, preserve the integrity of the plastic by being less aggressive
  • – This package is usually an exterior based detail, interior work is highly varied based off condition & customer expectation
  • – Includes standard interior: vacuum, waterless wipe down, dusting edges or cracks, light degreasing.



  • pre rinse + exterior wash of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber, waterless wash, and compressed air
  • wheels & wheel wells cleaned
  • tires degreased & dressed with water based dressing
  • two step paint, metal, &  glass decontamination
  • one step paint correction: medium polish or compound
  • refining gloss enhancing polish
  • multi polymer synthetic sealant with natural UV protective wax
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, trim
  • interior vacuum & dusting of console, dashboard, cup holders
  • light degreasing of interior surfaces
  • clean interior and exterior windows
  • trim detailing: mirrors, rockers, and any available trim dressed
  • metal polishing of trim or exhaust pipe area


bmw correction
bmw correction

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paint correction
paint correction

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porsche detailing

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porsche detailing

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