Porsche Macan S White New Car Coating

Porsche Macan S White New Car Coating

New Porsche Macan S White new car treatment. We took extra steps to completely decontaminate this new vehicle from the dealership after a European Delivery. Full service included: Paint Coating, Trim Coating, Interior Protection & full detail. Every surface was protected or restored for long term protection. We did do some paint correction for some minor defects to clarify the surface.


  • Cleaning:  Optimum Power Clean & Optimum No Rinse, Hyper Wash
  • Wheels & Wells: Optimum Power Clean various brushes, Liquid Finish’s Special “Super Clean” Solution
  • Tires: Meguiars APC+, Liquid Finish’s Special “Super Clean” Solution, CarPro Perl
  • Clayed with Nanoskin Glide & Optimum Opti-Clay / Optimum Opti Towel / CarPro Iron X Treatment.
  • Door & Trunk Jams: Car Soap & Optimum OptiClean
  • Polish: Optimum Hyper Polish majority of vehicle
  • Protect: Optimum Gloss Coating
  • Various Products: Optimum OptiCleanHD Express
  • Wheels: Optimum Gloss Coating
  • Interior:  Optimum Plus Protectant on Vinyl, Rubber, Misc Surfaces. Full Vacuum & Dusting. Leather Master Protection Cream for steering wheel and high wear areas.
  • Exhaust Pipe: Optimum Metal Polish & P21S Polishing Soap
  • Windows: HD Touch & Sprayaway Glass Cleaner



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