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Learn Car Detailing

Learn Car Detailing – The Ultimate Education

Liquid Finish is a resource to educate the world about proper detailing practices. LF enlightens people about the crazy wonderful world of car detailing.

Brandon Woo’s Detailing Qualifications:

Teaching Car Detailing

Car detailing comes down to the fundamentals of proper technique, product, and skill. To avoid wasting time or money:

  • avoid consumerism: purchasing the right products and tools are the first steps, you need to practice the right skill and technique
  • preparation of the vehicle surface is essential: decontaminating, polishing, and cleaning lead to better protective results
  • always keep an honest & open perspective: there is no “correct” or definite way of detailing, we always take cross industry practices for a better result and avoid improper harmful practices
  • find something you like and use it: product recommendations should work and live up to the hype, avoid “flavor of the month” products or techniques, paying a little more for abetter product is always worth it.

North Carolina Car Detailing Classes: Learn Car Detailing

I offer a few beginner classes for car organizations & individuals:

  • Class # 1 Detailing Fundamentals:

  • easy vehicle washing: embracing high foam and rinseless technology
  • microfiber technology: the best drying and buffing towels on the market
  • quick detailing: finding the right gloss, cleaning, and waterless technology
  • protection your vehicle: the multiple methods of waxing or sealing your vehicle

Class Info: For 5-20 people, presentation based clinic to educate individuals with no detailing knowledge. Topics can range from paint thickness, what to use to clean your vehicle, and any other basic detailing question to maintain your vehicle. An open tech session for inquiring minds.

  • Class # 2 Orbital 101 Techniques:

  • using a random orbital: how to hold, move, activate, and maximize a random orbital buffer
  • proper accessories: backing plates, pads, extra tools to use, and choosing the right buffer
  • chemical choices: which basic paint cleaners or paint protection products to use
  • basic wax buffing technique: applying waxes or sealants to a paint vehicle

Class Info: For 1-5 people, hands on based clinic for people who have basic detailing knowledge and want to learn how to use an orbital safely to wax their vehicle. Principles include covering basic paint decontamination, understanding polish or wax differences, and how to approach safely buffing your vehicle as a novice.

  • Class # 3 one on one training

  • learn how to properly wash your car: pre treatment chemicals, wheel cleaners, proper drying tools and chemicals
  • using a clay bar for basic decontamination and finding specialized vehicle cleaners
  • very basic polish, all in one polish, paint cleaner demo
  • waxing your vehicle with an beginner orbital

Class Info: For the individual who wants to advance their skill at any level and learn how to detail their vehicle. This is intensive, yet basic explanation of a base detail. This does not explain how to run a detailing business, tackle every detailing problem, or provide a show car shine at the end of the day. You will work side by side a madman and be engulfed by a huge stream of information. Best for individuals with a history of detailing their vehicles.

How do I schedule a class or training day?

For inquiries contact Brandon at [email protected] to build a specific program to address all your curiosities. Training is a mix of products, techniques, and detailing fields so you get the best detailing information in the business for superior results.

Brandon Woo, Madman Detailer

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