Winter 2019 Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! Audi RS7, Tesla Model 3, BMW X3

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to everyone! Thank you for your support in 2019. Here are a few vehicles that have been recently coated with super happy customers!

Opti Coat Pro Plus Ceramic coating for a Tesla Model 3 Multi Coat Red after a minor paint correction step before the sealing. Audi RS7 in special Panther Crystal Black with Opti Coat Pro after basic enhancement paint correction. Finally a thorough one step paint enhancement on a Sapphire Black X3 with Opti Coat Pro!

As part of the Opti Coat Pro service an inspection wash includes complimentary education session to cover how to maintain your coating. Microfibers, chemicals, tools, wash styles, any manner of car care is covered.

Wheel faces, lenses, paint, and chrome were covered with one step Optimum Opti Coat Pro system. Opti Coat Pro comes with a 5 year warranty (paint failure) along with a hydrophobic, easy to clean, marring, scratch, and acid resistant surface.

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