Tesla Model 3 – Opti Coat Pro Plus New Car Treatment

Tesla Model 3 – Opti Coat Pro Plus New Car Treatment

Multi Coat Red Tesla Model 3 with Opti Coat Pro Plus new car detail and paint correction. Paint inspection revealed multiple paint flaws (improper buffing, sanding marks, isolated scratching) and severe contamination from the factory. A total of 5 paint correction hours were performed to enhance the paint and repair damage to optimal shape.

As part of the Opti Coat Pro Plus service an inspection wash includes complimentary education session to cover how to maintain your coating. Microfibers, chemicals, tools, wash styles, any manner of car care is covered. 

Wheel faces, lenses, paint, and chrome were covered with two step Optimum Opti Coat Pro Plus system. Opti Coat Pro Plus comes with a 7 year warranty along with hydrophobic, easy to clean, marring, scratch, and acid resistance. Click below for more photos and Facebook Album walkthough of the full process.

Tesla Model 3 – Facebook Album & Walkthrough

Before Coating, 8 hours of preparation at this point.

After in the glorious sun! Model 3 looking great.

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