Recent Gloss Coat Treatments: Nissan GTR, Ford Mustang 5.0

Recent Gloss Coat Treatments: Nissan GTR, Ford Mustang 5.0

Happy to say there are a fair amount of Optimum Gloss Coat treatments at Liquid Finish Detailing. Very thankful for all the Raleigh/RDU/RTP clients who give me a shot. Here are just a few pictures of the recent installations done this summer.  All subscribe to Liquid Finish Detailing’s Facebook Feed and in particular I’ve started a separate Gloss Coat Album for any inquiring eyes.

Curious what’s so special about Gloss Coat:

Optimum Gloss Coat (2+ Year Protection): ✓ Semi-Permanent protection, so no more polishing or “buffing” for 2 years ✓ Scratch resistance ✓ Bug, Bird Droppings, Heat, UV, and Corrosion protection ✓ Super glossy/wet finish ✓ Easy-to-clean surface, hydrophobic self-cleaning surface Ceramic Coatings are the newest technology on the automotive market and outlast any other sealant or wax, guaranteed. Optimum Gloss-Coat is the most advanced polymer system that forms a layer of clear coat over the automotive finishes!

Best of all is the overall affordability and ease of application for anyone starting into professional, certified, and reputable coatings available on the boutique detailing world. Remember, look for an installer not a coating!

Brandon | Madman Detailer.

RX350 New Car Detailing Gloss Coat

Nissan GTR – Wheels were coated out of the box plus paint was given a huge revival for the age.

Mustang Ford 5.0 Mustang GT. This was absolutely one brutal two day session, tried my best to go after everything, multiple stages of paint correction were needed!.


Funky looking Q3, but hey it’s got a cool blue paint job!

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