Liquid Finish: Products & Tools

We use a mix of consumer, boutique, and professional products approved by reputable detailers in America. Our polishes, waxes, sealants, and specialty chemicals are bar none some of the best in the world. Most importantly, we take a strong stance on using a product that is OEM approved, used in car manufacturing facilities, and are safe to use in any capacity.


  • Brands: Menzerna, Meguiars, Optimum, 3d Professional Products, CarPro, Nanoskin, Blackfire, Ultima, Collinite, Chemical Guys, 1Z Einszett, p21S, Sonax
  • Equipment: Lake Country, Griots Garage, Wheel Woolies, Rupes Polisher, Buff & Shine
  • We are a proud supporters of

Best Buffing

Rupes S.p.A.

All thanks  Buffing Techniques of / Kevin Brown for the absolute best paint correction resource out there.



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