New Car Opticoat: Silver TESLA MODEL S 85

Vehicle: Tesla Motors – Silver Model S 85

Condition: This fine Tesla Model S 85 was recently delivered in Raleigh, in for new car detail and Opticoat detail. Only issues we encountered were a few deep scratch areas near the rear door and trunk. Plenty of shipping adhesive residue near the doors and front of the hood. We spent some time Q-Tipping the front air dam area due to the bug build up. Claybar revealed the rear and roofline to be the worst areas. This Model S was in great shape, a rarity from most Teslas we’ve done. Interior was thoroughly vacuumed and wipe down with a light cleaner. Front trunk paint and trim cleaned with OptiClean.


tesla silver model s opticoat


tesla silver model s opticoat

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Tesla Model S Silver – New Car Opticoat

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