Level 1 Renew BMW 335 Black + Wash and Wax Porsche 991 911 Suntek Matte Paint Protection


BMW 335 Black in for a general level 1 clean & protection detail. Suntek Matte Paint Protection Wrap Wash & Wax Maintenance on a Porsche 991 911. Both vehicles are kept outside so maintenance is hard. We wanted to protect and clean these vehicles without going too far into restoration. Porsche was dusted and vacuumed, Opti Seal doing wonders on the film’s slickness and cleanliness. 335 took some time to deep clean the interior leather surfaces as well as stripping as much as possible on the exterior.



Porsche 991 911 with Suntek Matte Paint Protection: Optimum OptiSeal  & Ultima Tire & Trim Gel.

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