Fall 2019 UPDATE – Audi E-Tron, Mustang GT 5.0, Honda Civic Type R

Welcome to fall heat, hopefully it cools finally! Opti Coat Pro Plus Ceramic coating for both a Honda Civic Type R White and Mustang GT 5.0. Both vehicles underwent minor paint correction step before the sealing with a proper paint coating. Audi Quattro E-Tron Power in Monsoon Grey for Opti Coat Pro New Car Treatment with little to no paint correction.

As part of the Opti Coat Pro service an inspection wash includes complimentary education session to cover how to maintain your coating. Microfibers, chemicals, tools, wash styles, any manner of car care is covered.

Wheel faces, lenses, paint, and chrome were covered with one step Optimum Opti Coat Pro system. Opti Coat Pro comes with a 5 year warranty (paint failure) along with a hydrophobic, easy to clean, marring, scratch, and acid resistant surface.

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