1199 Panigale 1200 Multistrada Ducati Paint Correction

1199 Panigale 1200 Multistrada Ducati Paint Correction Detail

Fun paint correction for two beautiful red motorcycles: Ducati 1199 Panigale and Multistrada 1200 for paint correction. Both bikes were plagued with minor swirling, machine hologramming, and severe scratching in some areas. Tried my best to deal with the extreme angles in various painted areas, thank goodness for my new Rupes LHR75E Mini E Random Orbital Polisher which demolished many of the defects. Metal surfaces read from 150-180 microns, pretty darn decent and on the hardness scale medium. Plastic surfaces I tapered back while still being aggressive with the paint defects. Most of the plastic panels were very fragile depending on mounting point, easily scratched if wiped in the wrong way. Pictures were OK due to outdoor subzero temperatures and trying to capture defects in red paint. Fun time progressing through Ducati paint correction, just note the amount of time is comparable to a full size sedan per bike and your hands will be cut like no other on the cleaning phase.


  • Cleaning:  Meguiars Rinseless Wash
  • Polish: HD Speed, Meguiars 205, Hpyer Polish, Meguiars M100
  • Protect: HD Speed, Menzerna Powerlock, Ultima Paint Guard Plus
  • Various Products: Optimum OptiCleanHD Express
  • Interior:  APC+ & Optimum Plus Protectant on Vinyl, Rubber, Misc Surfaces.
  • Metal Surfaces: Optimum Metal Polish & P21S Polishing Soap
  • Windows: HD Touch & Sprayaway Glass Cleaner



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ducati paint correction

ducati paint correction

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