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Clean & Protect: Porsche Cayman S with Iron Decontamination

Vehicle: 2008 Porsche Cayman S with slight ink leather issues and minor hood marring. Front hood protection film was scruffed at one point so we used HD Adapt to refine the surface. Vehicle was given CarPro IronX to deep clean the surface, then Nanoskin towel was used to remove all the fall out on the vehicle. A thorough cleaning of the interior including Leather Master 3 Step system to address the blue ink dye transfer issue. Otherwise vehicle was in great shape for the age, we simply deep cleaned anything we could see and protected. 22PLE works wonders on wheels!

Products & Process:


cayman s detail

Iron X in Progress
cayman s detail

50/50 Leather Cleaning
cayman s detail

cayman s detail

In Process

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