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Vehicle Overspray & Contamination Removal

Vehicle Overspray & Contamination Removal

Vehicle Overspray Removal

Cement, Stucco, Grout, and Concrete

Use a non fuming, acid free, biodegradable, non hazardous, non corrosive wet solution to remove cement, concrete, grout, and stucco. This chemical approach helps allow the foreign substance to break down and not mechanically grind into the paint.

vehicle overspray

BMW 128 Stucco Paint Vehicle Overspray Removal

Paint Vehicle Overspray Removal

Paint dots, films, light or heavy sprays can be removed from paint, glass, metal, and trim. Many types of paint vehicle overspray exist: latex acrylic, epoxy, urethane, foam, spray can, enamel, lacquer, traffic road paint, and graffiti. Often this occurs when homes or vehicles are being repainted without the proper environmental protection. Road paint splatter can occur from work crews freshly painting highways or roads.

vehicle overspray

Vehicle Overspray Splatter Removal Acura TSX Dark Blue Detail
Vehicle Overspray Splatter Removal Honda Nighthawk Pearl Detail

Adhesive Removal

Adhesives such as concrete or pavement sealer can sometimes come into contact with your vehicle when fresh or refurnishing roadways occurs. Do not make the mistake of simply using any chemical remover, you can etch the surface if not done properly.

vehicle overspray

BMW X5 Steel Grey Pavement Sealer Removal Detail

What is Vehicle Paint Contamination Removal?

Vehicles often under elements can have their paint surfaces “contaminated” in which a foreign substance can go within the paint system. We classify contamination as:

  • any chemical or industrial fall out – airport areas, industrial complexes that often cause oxidation
  • iron fillings or particles – railroad tracks or vehicle transport
  • tar, oil, tree sap – debris from trees
  • acid rain, chemical stains or foreign etching
  • bug guts or smears
Using safe vehicle de-solvents, overspray claybars, contamination rubber polymers, and specialized chemical processes our vehicle overspray service helps to address any potential for long term damage to your surface. It is essential to remove the foreign contaminant, neutralize the surface, polish, and wax your vehicle to stop damage from growing.
vehicle overspray
Tar Removal from BMW Z4M Coupe

Vehicle Overspray & Contamination Removal Pricing

Pricing ranges from $50 to $100 per hour, on top of normal package rates. Size, severity, vehicle history, and how much preparation are main factors for pricing. If vehicle overspray or contamination is removed, the surfaces must be cleaned, stripped, polished then protected. Our specialty paint correction services or basic detail packages are great add ons to the service:

Essential Information

  • Not for airplanes, boats, RV’s, or buildings at the moment.
  • Attacking the damage earliest is essential for successful restoration of your vehicle. Leaving contamination or overspray on your vehicle can create a permanent damage.
  • Full documentation through photos, videos, estimates, and final results allows the customer to properly receive compensation from the party responsible: insurance, personal vehicles, industrial claims, contractors, dealerships

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