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Tesla Detailing

Specialized Tesla Detailing Services

Tesla detailing services at Liquid Finish Detailing cover the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, RDU, and RTP Area North Carolina. Whether you are from Tesla Motors Forum or Tesla Motors Club detailing support network covers any Tesla detailing problems or needs. Driven to elevate your cutting edge Tesla appearance and cleanliness to a new level. Liquid Finish has unique experiences with the Model S 60, 75, 85, P85, 90D, 90, or P100D.

Common Tesla Detailing Issues:


Will you take new car delivery of your Tesla? Install a ceramic coating for long-term protection. Take a look at a vehicle coating installation. For superior protection try a specialized carpet, leather, interior, glass, or trim coatings. tesla detailing opticoat

Tesla Paint Repair: Fixing Paint Defects, Swirls, and Scratches:

Liquid Finish Detailing can effectively and permanently remove paint imperfections through a paint correction process to revive your Tesla. Does your vehicle have swirls, scratches, marring, or paint damage? Tesla Motors paints their vehicles in California with strict chemical restrictions. Moving to less Volatile Organic Compounds has made paints far softer and prone to damage since there are less “paint hardeners”. A Tesla on the factory floor will have multiple buffing defects and will be placed on a transport across America. Make sure your vehicle is properly corrected and protected.

Tesla Detailing Car Care

Tesla Model S 75 Midnight Silver Facebook Album

Tesla Model X Opti Coat Pro

Tesla Model S White Opti Coat Pro

Tesla Model S Deep Blue Metallic Opti Coat Pro 

tesla detailing opticoat Tesla Motors Model S 85 White Cleaning & Protection Detail with minor wetsanding  tesla detailing opticoat Tesla Motors Silver Model S 85 New Car Opticoat Ceramic Application
p90d warm silver

Tesla Model S P90D Warm Silver New Car GlossCoat