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Recent Opti Coat Pro Work – Audi S4 & Tesla Model S

Recent Opti Coat Pro Work – Audi S4 & Tesla Model S

Opti Coat Pro Work – Audi S4 & Tesla Model S

Some recent work for a Tesla Model S & Audi S4. Both returned for their follow up 30 day wash to ensure proper adhesion and overall performance. As part of the Opti Coat Pro service an inspection wash includes complimentary education session to cover how to maintain your coating. Microfibers, chemicals, tools, wash styles, any manner of car care is covered. 

Wheel faces, lenses, paint, and chrome were covered with a Optimum Opti Coat Pro. OCP comes with a 5 year warranty along with marring, scratch, and acid resistance. Click below for more photos and Facebook Albums going into the full process.

-Brandon, Madman.

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Optimization Training: Opti Coat Training Two Day Event

Optimization Training: Opti Coat Training Two Day Event

Opti Coat Training – “Optimization Training”

Recently completed a two day Optimum “Optimization Training” or as I call it “Opti Coat Training”. I’ve always been a gigantic fan of Optimum No Rinse, Hyper Polish, and Optimum Car Wax. Optimum Car Care‘s philosophy has been to make revolutionary, efficient, and progressive products. It’s making detailing easier, far more efficient, and profitable. So what is Optimization training?

The Basics

What: Certified Training by Optimum Polymer Technologies

Where: 4130 Senator St, Memphis, TN at the “Mothership”

Who: For all inquiring vehicle care individuals looking to advance their knowledge, skill, and “detailing” mindsets. Operated by IDA Trainers, Optimum Product/Regional Representatives, and the entire crew at Optimum Polymer Technologies

How: Two days of training starting from 8am to 10pm. Sign up by emailing Cost is $1500, includes three hotel nights, beverages, and meals. Individuals get a $500 product credit to future orders.

Why: To be a certified Opti Coat installer requires proper training and understanding the entire “Optimum Synergy” system.

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Liquid Finish – Optimum Car Care Products

Optimum Polymer Technologies – Detailing Chemicals

Wondering what the best starter detailing product line for your vehicle to maintain the shine and condition after a fresh detail? Optimum Car Care is my choice since it straddles the boutique, professional, and enthusiast detailer market. Innovative, easy to use, efficient, and cost effective are the hallmarks of this brand.  These are all available with Amazon Prime!


Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine – the only way to safely wash your car! Read the No Rinse Guide. Save time, wash safely, and enjoy cleaning your car.

Try Wash & Wax version


Optimum Car Wash Soap – traditional high foam car wash for wheels or body, super long foam suds with ultra lubricity.


Opti Clean – use for any dust or light dirt. daily or weekly maintenance after a drive or light rain sprinkle


Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer – make your paint, glass, or surfaces slick and glossy to restore your paint protection.


Power Clean – super safe all purpose cleaner for literally any surface, includes exterior or interior surfaces. Use for bugs, leather, or paint issues.

Opti Bond – great adjustable tire shine for that dark and wet look, water based for that clean durable apperance.



Opti Seal – easiest sealant that air dries off a vehicle, apply during washing or after a wash for protection

Optimum Car Wax – the only spray wax in the world to add UV to your paint system and offers a slick surface