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Car Detailing Services: Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, RTP RDU Triangle Area

New Car Detail Treatment: Protection & Refinement 

Elevate your vehicle next level from mile one. Remove adhesive, stickers, grease, polish for maximum appearance, and apply the best protection.

  • New Car Light: super safe wash, decontaminate vehicle surface, apply protective UV wax
  • Sedan/Coupe $175 + | Midsize/Small SUV $200 + | Large SUV/Van $250 +

  • New Car Ultimate: safe wash, intensive decontamination, paint correct for max luster, apply longterm protective sealant
  • Sedan/Coupe $300 + | Midsize/Small SUV $350 + | Large SUV/Van $400 +

    Black Infiniti G35 New Treatment & Opticoat

    Level 1 Vehicle Renewal – Proper Annual Car Care Treatment 

    Our most popular detailing service to deep clean and protect your vehicle for long term ownership. Treatment for “good” condition vehicles that are properly maintained.

    • basic exterior cleanse: wash, wheels, windows
    • clay bar deep dirt decontamination
    • machine application all in one polish
    • spray synthetic polymer sealant or natural carnauba UV protectant wax
    • low vapor steam sterilization of all interior surfaces
    • UV treatment and protection of all interior materials

    Sedan/Coupe $250 + | Midsize/Small SUV $300 + | Large SUV/Van $375 +


    Level 2 Vehicle Enhancement – Best Value Restoration Service

    Special paint correction services for “neglected”  vehicles with swirls, marring, scratches, and contamination. Best for new customers needing a restoration.

    • standard level 1 exterior detail
    • two step paint, metal, &  glass decontamination
    • specialized one step paint correction to level surface
    • multi step synthetic sealant plus UV protectant wax
    • comprehensive interior cleaning: intensive steam  + carpet shampooing

    Sedan/Coupe $350 + | Midsize/Small SUV $400 + | Large SUV/Van $475 +

    Read More about Our Innovative Paint Correction Detailing Services

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    Our Level 3 Vehicle Restoration Services – Specialty & High End Vehicles 

  • paint correction through multi stage compounds and paint levelling
  • high gloss paint refinement
  • the works – engine bay, interior restoration, multi surface treatment
  • special approach for show-car, top tier appearance
  • From $500
  • Joint Effort Ferrari Multi Day Full Restoration

    Multi – Day Porsche 1988 911 Blue Restoration


    • water spots, water etching, chemical etching, oxidation
    • tar, sap, artillery spore, embedded dirt
    • overspray (paint, concrete), glue, adhesive, industrial fall out, wax residue
    • scratch, swirl, marring, defect removal 

    Special Detail Services

    Paint Touch Up Services – By Estimate

    Repair door nicks, chips, deep scratches, gashes, road rash or any paint loss. Key Scratch Repair Guide & Deep Gash Guide

    Contamination & Overspray Removal  – By Estimate

    Removal of latex & water based paint, road paint, concrete (stucco, grout, cement) removal, tar, pavement, and adhesive removal. Honda Accord Overspray & Polish Treatment

    CarPro Iron-X Iron Remover Treatment

    CarPro Iron-X is an acid free pH balanced iron remover that dissolves embedded iron deposits and safely deep cleans your paint.

    detailing services
    paint defect

    Spot Paint Defect Removal – By Estimate

    Deep scratch removal, paint scuffs, swirls, marring, any isolated defects can be removed safely. Plastic Shovel Marks on a Black Metallic Audi S4 

    headlight restoration
    headlight restoration

    Headlight & Lens Restoration – From $50

    Old discolored, stained, and fading headlights can be fixed with either polish, compound or wet sand. We restore the UV protection to the lens and ensure proper clarity. 

    Trim Restoration – From $25 . Based off condition and size.

    Restore faded plastic or worn trim: windshield cowls, door molding, door handles, bumpers,  wiper arms, mirror trim, roof racks, running boards, mud flaps, cowl vents, window trim, and window seals. 

    trim restoration


    Detailing Services Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Triangle, RDU, RTP, and North Carolina Area

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    where we service
    We service Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Durham, Holly Springs, and the Research Triangle Area.
    what we ask each customer

    • Vehicle: model, make, year, color, and last detail job or paintwork done? Let us know the condition.
    • Expectations: what do you expect for the detailing session. Let us know your concerns.
    • Service: what is your budget, availability, or desire out of the service?


    schedule, mobile, drop off, prices, estimates
    we schedule based on appointments 7 days a week

    we are mobile for any residential home with water access and an electrical outlet.

    corrections, opticoat, or any special detailing will require drop off in Cary.

    final price quotes are done on site on final approval by the client.

    estimates to go over paint thickness, vehicle, and expectations may require service deposit

    payment via cash, check, or paypal to Liquid Finish Detailing LLC

    what we don't do: price matching, discounts, improper chemicals
    no apartment complexes or corporate centers at this time.

    no dangerous acid, alkaline, or heavy silicones/chemical that can seriously harm a vehicle.

    no price matching, our products and techniques are quite different from local detailers

    referral discounts only apply to services. we work within a client’s budget

    our products: green environmentally Friendly & state of the art
     Vapor Steam – Interior deodorizing & disinfecting without use of heavy chemicals

    Water Conservation with products such as Optimum No Rinse and Optimum Opti-clean

    Water Based & Solvent Free Products – OEM Safe, Phosphate Free, Silicone Free.

    Microfiber Technology with authentic Korean Textiles straight from special Asian distributors

    Elite List of Brands We Use