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Paint Touch Up Repair

Paint Touch Up Repair

Services below are for current clients performing a car detailing session.

Types of Paint Touch Up Repair

Repairs can range from deep scratch down to metal or plastic primer, road rash repair on frontal damage, long key scratches, paint chips large or small, bumper scuffs, and nicks. Anything without paint can be filled up.

paint touch up
paint touch up

long scratch repair guide – fixing shallow long 2+ inches scratches or key marks

paint touch up
paint touch up
deep gash paint repair guide – repairing a severe paint chip

paint touch up
paint touch up

paint chip – door edges, small rock chips, less than 2 inch scratches


3 Components to Paint Touch Up Repair

paint selection, we can mix paint or you can provide factory touch up for 95% match. Sites like PaintScratch or AutomotiveTouchup or Factory OEM Paint do a great job.
application of paintavoid blobs, excess, or improper adhesion by using different micro brush tools and by properly cleaning the affected area
leveling & refining – most people do not have the skills to level the excess paint to the affected area and further polish to a high gloss shine.

Paint Touch Up Repair Facts

4-6 foot improvement to surface, 50-70% improvement, a “walk up” repair, not a concours 5 inch inspection
– Paint touch up is cosmetically beneficial, prevents rusting and long term degradation.
– Full panel repaints can range from $300-500 per panel, while our pricing varies from $25-125 per section
– Do note metallic paints are hard to recolor without being obvious due to the nature of paint sparkle composition. Solid or dark colors generally yield a better result.
– Not a “perfect” repaint substitute, filling paint is better than chips, damage, or seeing white primer
– No restoration, major collision, full auto body, full bumper repairs, cracks, or major paint scrapes. Referrals available for refinishing.
– Damage larger than half a finger cannot be repaired


  • Stuart MacDonald on Jul 19, 2016 Reply

    Have a used E350 just purchased. White paint needs chip and scratch repair including lower bumper scratches from previous owners on curbs etc…how do I get a quote from your firm?

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