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Paint Repair: 2014 Escalade ESV Hood

Vehicle: 2014 Escalade ESV Black Raven Platinum Edition


– inspect vehicle paint thickness, primarily the hood. Paint thickness ranges for vehicle from 100-120 microns. Hood had a high of 140 microns to 100 microns.

– Optimum No Rinse waterless wash of the hood area, fenders, and front bumper

– claybar to decontaminate area, revealed a fair amount of contaminants

– removal of swirls and defects were evaluated with a three steps:

1) Meguiars M101 Compound with Microfiber Cutting pad

2) HD Adapt with White Polishing Pad

3) HD Polish with Green Light Pad

We consulted with the client to ensure a 95% correction was achieved, as well as acknowledging remaining defects would have to be sanded to achieve perfection. Client approved of the approach.

– sealed area with a paint sealant





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