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Opti Coat: Everything You Need to Know

Opti Coat : Extra Info you should know

Absolutely important to understand Opti Coat’s attributes and nuances. Here are frequent concerns seen within the online community and information you should consider:

What Opti Coat Cannot Do

  • does not protect against paint chips, paint protection film is the best solution
  • the coating is layerable, however since the initial application bonds so fast there is no need to layer the product. A good installer will look for proper coverage of the product versus “layering”
  • you can top the coating with wax & sealants, however do not expect any difference since the coating resists bonding
  • the coating won’t wear with basic abrasives or paint removers, it needs to be aggressively mechanically removed


 What can happen to Opti Coat:

  • it can have scratches, swirls, and marring if improperly cared for. Absolutely crucial to properly rinse-less wash, occasionally use protectants, and ensure the coating stays clean
  • it can water spot, if you have hard water the hydrophobic-ness encourages higher droplets that can cause water spotting. While the coating may water spot, the paint system reduces the chance to etch or have longterm damage. Ask your installer if you have issues or concerns
  • running your vehicle through touch-less washes is fine, over use from relying on acids or alkaline washes is not recommended 


Opti Coat: The Importance of Curing Time

Extremely important curing information:

  • first hour: no water or chemicals can touch the surface
  • first 24 hours: no chemicals should touch the surface
  • first week basic car wash and no rinse chemicals maybe used.
  • after first week cleaners such as an all purpose cleaner maybe used
  • after 30 days, UV exposure accelerates the curing process. Waiting 30 days is the safest method before using anything harsh on the vehicle.
  • any high spots (basically excess oily spots) can be easily remedied with a final polish and recoated


Ask Your Opti Coat Installer

Any performance issues such as spotting, repellency, durability, and damage always ask your installer. Follow the initial 30 day curing period and proper maintenance method. Opti Coat Warranty can be found at on, as well as a proper Car Care Guide.

Liquid Finish provides a huge database of how to properly maintain your vehicle safely!

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Can you Opti Coat Paint Protection Film?

Yes, either before or after the film.

Opti Coat PPF is the only film on the market that allows for below and above coating. Benefits include longer film lifespan, less yellowing chances, chemically stable, and more durability.

All other films on the market should definitely be coated after for more longevity, ease of cleaning, and protection.


Can Opti Coat Fail or Underperform?


Coating a vehicle isn’t cheap, so any good installer should stand behind their work. However to do a check, examine the overall dirt retention and water reaction on the paint. If water beads infrequently or there are pools of water on the paint after rain or rinsing:

1) Try using Optimum Car Wax, Quick Interior Detailer, or any Spray Sealant. All 3 of these will work to revive a few vehicles after a snow or salt storm.

2) When was the last detailing procedure? If it has been 6+ months, chances are you need to thoroughly clean the coating with a good paint cleaner or sealant to revive Opti Coat.

3) Does the finish look especially horrible? Ultimately ASK your installer.

Please do not take beading and sheeting as the primary property of Opti Coat. Opti Coat protects and protects, it underwhelms for the initial 6 months.

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What can I use to revive Opti Coat?

Ask your installer for a decontamination wash that uses acids, solvents, and deep cleaners to thoroughly “revive” the coating.

There are a number of different spray liquids:

 Optimum Opti-Seal  Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer Optimum Car Spray Wax

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Who created Optimum Opti Coat?

Dr.Ghodoussi of Optimum Polymer Technologies first created the initial OptiGuard in 2004 for professional applications which went under 4 years of testing. At the moment, Opti Coat is the only coating that has been tested for 8 years without any detrimental effects. 

Is Opti Coat Acid Resistant?

“Independent testing by the Commonwealth Standards Institution in Australia which is equivalent to NIST here and their test results confirms that opti-coat has hardness above 9H and is not affected by concentrated HCl or Sulfuric Acid” – Dr. GPost.

Is Opti Coat available for a Do It Yourself, Hobbyist, or Personal Detailer?

No, you must be an authorized installer to install Opti Coat.

If you OC your vehicle you lose the ability to test polishes and waxes. It maybe great for vehicles that you do not want to maintain. However the “joy” of experimenting is greatly reduced. Waxes and sealants do not last as long. The finish doesn’t pop after sealing the finish.

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  • Michael on Mar 02, 2017 Reply

    Optimum Opti-Coat Pro + lasts 7 years. Right?
    After this time, does it just fade away leaving the original clear Coat or does it take a sheet of the cars paint with it?

    • Brandon Woo on Mar 02, 2017 Reply

      Hi Michael, original paint will remain intact. Since OptiCoat bonds to the paint, it will not delaminate or break off like other coatings. If you maintain properly, stated longevity can often go beyond the warranty period. Proper installers will be able to revive the coating once a year and if needed at the end of 7 years, reapply the coating although that is rare. Cheers!

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