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Level 1 Vehicle Renewal: Our Most Popular Renewal & Refresh Package

Level 1 Vehicle Renewal Package

Detail Type:

Clean & Protect – Vehicle Renewal


Our most popular package for maintaining your vehicle annually or bi-annually. Essential cleaning and protection to maintain your like new or new vehicle. Add glossy shine from proper deep paint cleaning and light polishing to ensure a proper based for longterm protection to your paint. Our interior cleaning as a base involves horse hair brushes, light interior cleansers, and dry vapor steam to sanitize the vehicle. With our technology and advanced chemicals, this package fulfills 95% of our customer base.

Cost –  Sedan/Coupe $275 + | Midsize/Small SUV $325 + | Large SUV/Van $400 +

*Subject to Client Expectations & Vehicle Condition + Intensiveness of Interior Work

Package Details:

  • One Day to Half Day Service – 4-6 Hours
  • 0-25% Paint Defect Removal (Swirl, Scratch, Hazing, Marring, Etching) – Priority is adding Gloss & Shine 
  • Can be an Exterior or Interior Based Detail, interior work is highly varied based off condition & expectation
  • Minimal paint thickness reduction and superior paint protection

Exterior Process:

  • pre rinse + exterior wash of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber, waterless wash, and compressed air
  • wheels & wheel wells cleaned
  • tires degreased & dressed with water based dressing
  • paint, metal, &  glass decontamination with clay
  • all in one hybrid paint cleaner polish
  • spray synthetic sealant or natural UV protective wax
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, trim
  • clean interior and exterior windows

Interior Process: StepsIntensiveness adjusted for each vehicle. 

  • air purge + intensive vacuum of carpet, upholstery, seats, compartments
  • clean pedals, center console, steering wheel/column, center console
  • clean door panels, dashboard, button, dials, knobs, gauges, console, air vents, switches clean cup holders, clean ash tray
  • clean seat belt, seat belt clip, sun visor, vanity mirror
  • clean side, middle, upper compartment (glove box)
  • safe vapor steam to sterilize of all hard surfaces (carpet, floor mats, leather seats)
  • UV treatment and protection of all interior materials
  • vacuum trunk & vapor steam area


*Extra: Carpet Extraction/Shampooing on floor mats, carpet, or trunk

*No Biohazard (Bodily Fluids, Vomit, Etc). No guarantees on spot/staining/etching/contamination removal. 


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