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Key Scratch Repair

Key Scratch Repair Guide

Key scratches or long deep scratches occur all the time in parking lots. Often, the damage can be felt with a finger nail and the appearance of the scratches shows more white than the surrounding paint. There is a huge absence of paint loss besides having a long scratch that is hugely noticeable. Liquid Finish specializes in special paint touch up repairs and specialized paint correction services. Read more for a proper safe, leveled, cosmetically appealing, and cheap repair that avoids the bodyshop.

key scratch repair

Picture 1. Examination. Accidents happen, a tent pole literally pulled across this door. Even in the garage this looks horrendous. Things to understand from this repair: metallic silver is very hard to paint match, filling paint in is fair safer to avoid any rust or longterm damage, and ensuring no large blobs makes for a great repair.

key scratch repair

Picture 2. Bondo Application. I went with the Bondo Technique, essentially we are filling the scratch up to the edge of the scratch for a good base for paint.

key scratch repair

Picture 3. Bondo Leveling. Imperative to remove all excess bondo as it hardens pretty fast as a primer. The bondo should look like a pure outline of the deep scratch

key scratch repair

Picture 4: Paint Application –  The fun part, properly adding paint onto the surface. This repair I mixed Silverstone paint with clearcoat. You can see multiple paint layers are added to build a mountain. Multiple coats allows the special leveling fluid to knock the area down for a very even clean appearance.

key scratch repair

Picture 5. Final Results. Total process is about 8-12 hours, it varies on paint composition, ambient temperature, nature of detailing session. This is a 5 foot repair improvement, up close you will see the outline of scratch. From afar, it looks way better. Silver on silver!

Key scratch or long deep scratches can be repaired safely, do note anything larger than 5 inches should be repainted at a bodyshop.

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