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Deep gash paint repair guide

Deep Gash Repair Guide

Paint chips occur often and all over your vehicle. In this guide we will show you how to properly repair a deep gash on a bumper where normal touch up techniques are inadequate. It is important to know proper paint color, proper leveling of the paint, and preparation prior to the repair is essential for a good repair. Paint touch ups are 10% of a bodyshop cost, ensure your factory finish remains the safe, and are often a 100% improvement cosmetically.


We all have those incidents where a chunk of paint can chip or gash away on bumpers, side skirts, and edges of a vehicle. Repainting is expensive, why not blend specialized touch up services to repair the damage? Follow the pictures for this deep gash repair. Vehicle is a silver 330 who was bumped from behind from an inattentive driver.

deep gash repair

Figure 1. A severe deep gash on this silver bumper. Ordinarily, most do it yourself repairs cannot add enough paint to make this repair worthwhile. The damage has gone down into the plastic portion of this bumper.

deep gash repair

Figure 2. It is important to note that this deep gash repair is meant to add paint to the chip, ensure no corrosion of the surface, and cosmetically improve the entire bumper. We cannot expect to completely repaint the bumper.

deep gash repair

Figure 3. First clean the surrounding areas extremely well. Not seen here, I actually have added Bondo to create a base for the deep gash repair and following paint system. By mixing silverstone paint and clear coat, I next add in multiple layers to ensure a good flush install.

deep gash repair

Figure 4. Using a leveling fluid that most people do not have, the paint is reduced and flush with the surface. However, in this photo we can see there needs to be more paint to look flush.

deep gash repair

Figure 5. This deep gash repair is look far better, still more leveling is needed. Remember, silver metallic paint is extremely hard to paint match perfectly.

key scratch repair

Final Results. While not perfect, this deep gash repair looks already amazing and saves the client from heading to the bodyshop.


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