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2015 Stingray Laguna Blue Paint Protection Film & Gloss Coat

2015 Stingray Laguna Blue Paint Protection Film & Gloss Coat

Corvette Stingray Laguna Blue Paint Protection Film & Optimum Gloss Coat

Beautiful 2015 Laguna Blue Corvette Stingray booked for a special detail involving full body Xpel paint protection film. On top of the film was installation of Optimum Gloss Coat for a balance of shine & easy maintenance. Full paint protection film installation of XPel from our friends at, the only Raleigh based factory trained XPel installers in the area. Day one included full decontamination, polishing, and intensive crevice cleaning for proper film adhesion. After film was installed, we came back and performed some unique wheel buffing to remove swirls & scratches for a better finish. Film was wipedown again, then coated withOptimum Gloss Coa. One unique detail for some specialized results!

If you are looking for some extreme protection and a great balance of shine, XPel & Gloss Coat is for you!


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Renewal Detail: Porsche 356 Ruby Red

Renewal Detail: Porsche 356 Ruby Red

Porsche 356 Ruby Red Detail

A basic Level 1 Renewal Detail for this beautiful Porsche 356 Ruby Red. Rinseless and waterless wash to reduce water contamination for this vintage classic. Endless hand polishing on all chrome, clearing out corners with leftover polishing residue/wax, spot cleaning interior with natural cleaners, and trying to access all the painted corners by hand. A work in progress!



 356 Porsche Pictures

porsche 356 detail
porsche 356 detailporsche 356 detail
porsche 356 detail

Paint Restoration: 1988 BMW M5 Single Stage Black

Paint Restoration: 1988 BMW M5 Single Stage Black

Paint Restoration: 1988 BMW M5 Single Stage Black

Two Stage Paint Correction

Full Paint Decontamination

Sealed with HD Speed & Menzerna Powerlock

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Ultimate Vehicle Protection: Corvette C7 Torch Red

Ultimate Vehicle Protection: Corvette C7 Torch Red


A 2014 Corvette C7 Torch Red with our ultimate vehicle protection package. IronX & Decontamination stage for special decontamination of the paint. Paint preparation portion of the detail required a few deep defect removal areas due to severe deep scratching. Our “Frankenstein” Combo today

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Ultimate Vehicle Protection: 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo Black

Ultimate Vehicle Protection: 2015 Porsche Macan Turbo Black

2015 Porsche Macan Detail “Frankenstein” Combo


This beautiful 2015 Porsche Macan was given the ultimate vehicle protection. Started off with a high foam wash to remove all the light dirt and remove any polish residue. IronX & Decontamination stage revealed no significant issues to the paint. Paint preparation portion of the detail involved quite sometime polishing, thankfully heat and overall conditions were great. We did find 1 area near the driver front fender where a polisher was incorrectly used. Final Coating/Treatments that we chose our “Frankenstein” Combo:

Humidity & heat really accelerated the curing/air phase of the detail. We chose Leather Master Protection Cream & Optimum Protectant Plus as neutral safe protection versus any coatings that could inhibit normal contamination progression.




Facebook Album – Ultimate Vehicle Protection 2015 Porsche Macan Black


porsche macan
porsche macan

Click for progression.

Level 3 Vehicle Restoration: Madman Car Care

Level 3 Vehicle Restoration: Madman Car Care

Level 3 Vehicle Restoration Package

Detail Type:

Major/Minor Paint Correction – Vehicle Restoration


The restoration service for highly discerning customers looking vehicle disassembly, wheels off, full interior cleansing, paint transformation, and specialized vehicle protection. The customer interview process is intensive to understand full expectations and deliver “madness”. For new vehicles, this involves vehicle coatings on every surface of the vehicle with proper vehicle preparation (decontamination, paint correction). For older vehicles, the restoration process often starts with the multi step paint correction, interior renewal, and any miscellaneous surfaces we can address. The restoration process is limited to vehicle condition, how major or minor services performed, and of course what the customer desires (budget, expectations, ownership length)

Cost – From $500 and up, all dependent on client expectations & interview process.

Package Details:

  • Multi Day Service
  • – 50-95% Paint Defect Removal of swirls, scratches, hazing, marring, etching
  • – Diagnose and address deep defects such as random isolated scratching, severe swirls, marring, or correct years of neglect
  • – All flat panels of vehicle will be polished such as doors, fenders, trunk, roof, hood. We want our 5.5 inch polisher to safely polish the area
  • – small areas are done by hand or with a small 4inch buffer attachment (mirrors, bumper edges, small concave areas less than 2-4 inches in size)
  • – All bumpers, side skirts, are buffed to preserve the integrity of the plastic and still achieve great results
  • – This package is usually both exterior based detail and/or interior based, interior work is highly varied based off condition & customer expectation
  • – “Madness” Car Care, we go above and beyond to achieve that special show car or concours look.


Example Exterior Process:

  • multi step pre rinse + exterior wash stages of contamination and dirt
  • every jam cleaned and protected with polymer glaze: gas cap, trunk jams, wheel jams, door jams
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber, waterless wash, and compressed air
  • wheels & wheel wells cleaned, dressed with polymer dressing
  • tires degreased & dressed with water based dressing or longterm coating
  • paint, metal, &  glass decontamination with clay
  • application CarPro Iron-X Treatment and further decon with polymerized rubber Nanoskin
  • multi step paint correction: numerous polishes and compounds
  • all in one hybrid paint cleaner or polish
  • multiple synthetic sealant or natural carnauba wax layers
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, and trim with special long lasting polymer dressing
  • full metal polishing with special custom metal polishes

Example Interior Process:


porsche paint correction

Porsche 1984 911 Carrera Multi-Day Restoration – Full Interior, Trim Restoration, Paint Restoration

ferrari 355 gts red

Ferrari 355 GTS Two Day Detail – 2 Step Paint Correction, Wheels Off, Panel Off Restoration

black infiniti correction

Infiniti G37 Coupe New Car Restoration & Optimum Opti Coat

corvette c7 torch red detail
Corvette Z51 C7 Torch Red Ultimate Protection Detail: Trim, Paint, Wheel Coatings

Paint Enhancement: 2011 Black Metallic Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Paint Enhancement: 2011 Black Metallic Dodge Challenger SRT8 392

Vehicle Treatment:

2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 black metallic paint polish enhancement treatment. Vehicle will be treated to XPel Ultimate at Total Vehicle Protection. Our approach was to enhance the paint since most of the defects were quite light. In particular we had to address the newly added hood, prep front bumper for paint protection film, and see what we could do on the lower rocker side & rear section of the vehicle. Despite quite a few deep scratches, the paint was leveled in high traffic areas and fully polished for high gloss. Our only regret is experiencing next to no sunlight after 8+ hours of work. Anger doesn’t being to express how much sadness we are feeling!

We spent ample time instructing the owner on our methodology, technique, perspectives of detailing. An introduction to basic orbital waxing was done, as with orienting to proper car care products that are available for maintenance.

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Special Detail: 1988 Blue Porsche 911 Restoration

North Carolina Porsche Restoration

Vehicle: 1988 911 Blue Porsche

Treatment: Two Day Restoration Exterior & Interior, Basic Engine Bay, Specialty Rejuvenation.

– predominant wax residue everywhere on trim, vinyl, and every possible crevice on vehicle

– paint was in OK shape, needed a good polish to sort out basic issues after 50K Miles & 25 years

– Total time approximately 20 hours over 2 primary days.

– Client requested 90% potential and a special “Wow” factor to the vehicle.

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Correction: Porsche 911 Lapis Blue

Correction: Porsche 911 Lapis Blue

Porsche Paint Correction Raleigh Porsche

Porsche Paint Correction 911 Lapis Blue up for correction today. A few repainted panels and of course bodyshop issues with finishing/clean up. Paint readings for original paint read at 90 microns, we decided to do a one step polish to ensure proper paint thickness overtime. Client requested the steering wheel be stripped of oils and restored to original matte look. Much time was spent doing clean up from the prior body shop.


lapis blue porsche
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Correction Detail: E90 335 Le Mans Blue

2011 Le Mans Blue 335 with some paint issues thanks to awesome dealership work. No dings on the vehicle, various paint touchup all over the vehicle. Hood paint thickness readings had a weird reading at the tip near BMW badge. Diagnosed as an obvious paint repair. Vehicle was at 65-70%, one step polish brought back to 85%. Rest of the paint had many random isolated scratches and deep marring. Bumper also had a large amount of dirt nibs. as well as a deep scratches near the trunk panel.


bmw sedan montego

Not bad, not great.
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