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Renew & Protect
Level 1 Vehicle Renewal: Our Most Popular Renewal & Refresh Package

Level 1 Vehicle Renewal: Our Most Popular Renewal & Refresh Package

Level 1 Vehicle Renewal Package

Detail Type:

Renewal Polish Refinement


Our most popular package for introducing your vehicle to paint correction. Essential cleaning and protection to maintain your like new or new vehicle. Add glossy shine from proper deep paint cleaning and light polishing to ensure a proper based for longterm protection to your paint. With our technology and advanced chemicals, this package fulfills 95% of our customer base.

Cost –  Sedan/Coupe $350 + | Midsize/Small SUV $450 + | Large SUV/Van $550 +

Correction Labor Time: 1-3 Hours

*Subject to Client Expectations & Vehicle Condition + Intensiveness of Interior Work

Package Details:

  • 1 Day Service  to 1.5 Day Service- 5-12 Hours
  • 0-25% Paint Defect Removal (Swirl, Scratch, Hazing, Marring, Etching) – Priority is adding Gloss & Shine 
  • Minimal paint thickness reduction and superior paint protection
  • Will not remove super deep defects such as random isolated scratching, severe swirls, marring, or correct years of neglect
  • All flat panels of vehicle will be polished such as doors, fenders, trunk, roof, hood. Safe accessibility for polishing is key
  • Emphasis on topside portions (hood, fenders, roof, trunk of the vehicle, anything lower than knee line is worked at a lessor aggressive level
  • Small areas are done by hand or with a small 4inch buffer attachment (mirrors, bumper edges, small concave areas less than 2-4 inches in size)
  • All bumpers, side skirts, are lightly buffed, preserve the integrity of the plastic by being less aggressive

Exterior Process:

  • pre rinse + exterior wash of light contamination and dirt
  • dry with korean waffle weave microfiber, waterless wash, and compressed air
  • wheels & wheel wells deep cleaned & dressed
  • tires degreased & dressed with water based dressing
  • paint, metal, &  glass decontamination with clay
  • fall out remover applied to paint surface
  • specialized hybrid silicate refinement paint polish
  • double coat synthetic sealant plus natural UV protective wax
  • clean & protect rubber, vinyl, plastic, metal, trim
  • metal polishing of trim or exhaust pipe area
  • trim detailing: mirrors, rockers, and any available trim dressed
  • clean interior and exterior windows
  • basic interior vacuum, air purge, light degreasing, and window cleanse


tesla detail

White Tesla Model S Renewal

silver bmw m3
BMW E90 M3 Silverstone Renewal & Protection

black lexus isf

Lexus IS-F Black Renewal & Opticoat Wheel Application

porsche turbo detail

Porsche 996 991 Silver Renewal

Cadillac Hendrick: Bumper Repair & 2014 ATS Black Raven Enhancement


2014 CTS Black Raven – Front Hood Swirling/Scratching & Rear Trunk Lid Swirls. Inspection throughout vehicles revealed three spot buffing marks from the factory. One to two stages of polishing &compounding were needed to remedy many sections of the vehicle. 95% was our goal since this vehicle will be driven on delivery.

 2008 Red CTS Sedan for lower rear bumper deck lid scratch removal and sealing. Basic spot polishing made a dramatic improvement on the bumper.

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Level 1 Renewal Detail: 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo Silver

Level 1 Renewal Detail: 2001 Porsche 996 Turbo Silver


Classic 911 Turbo Silver for a basic detail. Super deep cleaning on the wheel backsides and tires to remove the old Armor All shine. Light clay bar to deep clean the paint especially on the clear bra and rear section of the vehicle. Light oil and dirt removal for the interior as well as refreshing all surfaces with Optimum Protectant Plus.

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New Car Detail: BMW F30 328i Silver Metallic

New Car Detail: BMW F30 328i Silver Metallic

Vehicle: 2014 BMW F30 328i Silver Metallic

Condition: New Car Preparation Detail for this BMW 328i F30 Silver Sedan. Serious decontamination needed on the right side of the vehicle as well as the entire vehicle for a deep clean. We threw on Leather Protection Cream on the Dakota seats. Tires had some serious dealership grime issues, we stripped them and added CarPro Perl. Vehicle was given a good protection scheme with HD Speed, Powerlock, and OptiSeal. Lighting wasn’t the best to capture the gloss of this vehicle.

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Level 1 Clean & Protect: Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Metallic Red

Level 1 Clean & Protect: Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Metallic Red


Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland in for a basic full detail. Claybar revealed the worst areas being the hood and rear bumper. Despite having almost 70K miles, paint was in great shape. We did notice a few buffer holograms from the previous shop, no problem for HD Speed and proper polishing. Trim was scrubbed with a stuff scrub brush then resealed twice with our trim dressings.


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Stucco Concrete Removal with Molecular Cement Dissolver: 2010 BMW 128i Red

Stucco Concrete Removal with Molecular Cement Dissolver: 2010 BMW 128i Red

Stucco Overspray Removal


2010 BMW 128i – Red with approximately 30K miles. Paint readings average from 130-150 microns on OEM sections of vehicle. Biggest issue for this vehicle was stucco cement overspray all over the vehicle. We used a non-caustic, non acid, biodegradable, non hazardous, and special cement dissolver for the exterior of the vehicle. This vehicle had a previous detail for swirl removal, pictures show pretty lackluster appearance and obvious induced swirls from improper technique. Thankfully stucco was removed with three applications of our dissolver. Clay bar and Nanoskin towel made quick work of any leftover contamination.

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New Car Opti Coat: 2014 Audi SQ5 Monsoon Grey Metallic

New Car Opti Coat: 2014 Audi SQ5 Monsoon Grey Metallic

Vehicle: 2014 Audi SQ5 Monsoon Gray

Condition: SQ5 for an Opti Coat Treatment and special treatment to the interior. To start off its beautiful life, we decided Opti Coat for the paint. Glass wise we did an Aquapel Treatment. For the Interior, Leather Master Protection Cream for the Nappa Leather and Optimum Protectant for any other various interior treatments. In particular I added coatings to the outside window mirror trim, front grill, rear exhaust pipes, and full coverage on the exterior paint/lenses. Paint had a light amount of dirt and some minor defects on the left side of the vehicle. We added Opti Coat to the window mirror housings and exhaust pipes since the Client was curious.


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Level 1 Renew BMW 335 Black + Wash and Wax Porsche 991 911 Suntek Matte Paint Protection

Level 1 Renew BMW 335 Black + Wash and Wax Porsche 991 911 Suntek Matte Paint Protection


BMW 335 Black in for a general level 1 clean & protection detail. Suntek Matte Paint Protection Wrap Wash & Wax Maintenance on a Porsche 991 911. Both vehicles are kept outside so maintenance is hard. We wanted to protect and clean these vehicles without going too far into restoration. Porsche was dusted and vacuumed, Opti Seal doing wonders on the film’s slickness and cleanliness. 335 took some time to deep clean the interior leather surfaces as well as stripping as much as possible on the exterior.



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How To Safely Wash Your Car

How To Safely Wash Your Car

Maintenance Guide: How to Safely Wash Your Car

safely wash your car
safely wash your car

Safely wash your car. The most important maintenance after under going paint correction or any detailing service. We want to reduce swirls, scratches, water etching, and contamination of the finish. Maintenance washes help ensure longevity of a protected surface. The keys to safely washing your vehicle are:

  • 1) use proper clean soft maintenance tools
  • 2) use a two bucket approach with foam or a no rinse waterless wash method
  • 3) lubricate the surface with waterless wash
  • 4) extend the protection on your vehicle


How to Not Safely Wash Your Car

Too often do we see as detailers improper cleaning systems, tools, and techniques. It hurts our souls to perfect a vehicle, then return to repeat the hard work we’ve instilled in a vehicle. What we don’t recommend to safely wash your car:

  • 1. wash in direct sunlight
  • 2. use cheap or dirty wash sponges, mitts, or brushes
  • 3. grind dirt or contamination into your paint
  • 4. wash on an extremely hot surface
  • 5. use cheap drying shammies, water blades, or cotton rags
  • 6. wiping a dirty vehicle causing scratches, swirls, and marring


Safely Wash Your Car: The Equipment

In general, don’t cheap out on quality equipment since the difference between most over the counter items and online choices are vastly different. Please consult Our Recommended Maintenance Chemicals and Tools. Our default choices for any prospective customer are generally cost-effective and used by all ranges of detailers:

Two Buckets – 3 or 5 gallons. You may add grit guards help to remove grit after a pass on your paint. We recommend you purchase simple Lowe’s or Home Depot Buckets.

Natural Sheepskin Wash Mitts are cheap, easy to use, and versatile. They also create a ton of suds to lubricate the surface.

Car Soap – Do not use dawn or any chemically stripping car soaps. We love Optimum Car Wash since it foams like crazy and is highly concentrated.

Great Soft Microfibers: Microfibertech Korean 25×36 Waffle Weave & Korean 16×16 Fluffy Towels. Also read our guide to Rag Company Microfiber

Waterless Wash & Quick Detailer:  Optimum OptiClean & Optimum Instant Detailer & Gloss Enhancer for the drying phase.

Pre-Treatment Chemicals: Optimum Power CleanStoner Tarminator, & 1Z Einszett Insekt are for grime, tar, bugs, and lower sections of a vehicle.

Foaming Tools: A foam gun (or foam lance) can dramatically make your car washing fun and ensure proper lubrication on the surface.

safely wash your car


Safely Wash Your Car: The Process

Start with your Wheels, Consult our Ultimate Wheel Care Guide.

hand car wash

Lubricate, engulf, and gently remove dirt from your vehicle.

Check the sheeting technique by removing the nozzle to funnel water off the vehicle.

You can see the two bucket technique in play, one for rinsing and one for soap as you work in sections

Washing is about prevention of damage to the finish.

Embrace waterless wash and quick detailers during the drying stage to reduce water spotting and lubricate any remaining dirt. Use any quality quick detailer & drying towel.

Using an air compressor or leaf blower dramatically helps.

Use multiple wash mitts, one for top sections of the vehicle, one for lower grimy areas. 

An illustration of using the two bucket system which is key to separating your dirt and soap solution.

Take note you do not need to have the fanciest grit guard or dolly system.

Car Washing Safety

How often should you safely wash your car?

As often as you desire, it all depends on your paint protection, environment, time, weather, amount of contamination, and color. Every 2 weeks for North Carolina is a great timetable.

How long does it take to safely wash your car?

1-3 Hours, even for our abilities wheels take as much time as the body. We go slower on special show vehicles, garage queens, or high-end vehicles.

What’s the most important aspect of safely washing your vehicle?

Frequently separating wash sections for grimy and loose dirt areas, controlling the water evaporation on your vehicle, and being careful to not instill scratches in your finish. Start from the top, work downward and reserve the worst areas (front end, side skirts, rear end) for last.

What do I do about embedded dirt that won’t come off like loose dirt?

Optimum Power CleanStoner Tarminator, & 1Z Einszett Insekt are what you spray before a detail to ensure bugs, tar, embedded dirt or mud are removed. Remember car soap removes light dirt on a vehicle, if you brush harder to remove stuck on grime this can scratch your vehicle.


Further Reads

Absolutely lazy? Want to push the boundaries of washing with an easy to use system?


Optimum No Rinse Guide

Embrace No Rinse Waterless Washing:  Our Optimum NO Rinse Guide

Consult Detailed Image’s Washing & Drying Section


Too lazy and scared that you might scratch your finish? We have Hand Car Washing & Waxing maintenance packages to maintain vehicles that undergo our specialized detailing services.

Paint Enhancement Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Black

Paint Enhancement Mercedes Benz CLS 550 Black


2008 CLS 550 Mercedes – Benz Black with approximately 68K miles. Vehicle exhibited buffer marring on the hood and driver’s side door. Paint readings average from 80-100 microns on OEM sections of vehicle. We found repainted sections: at the passenger fender, rear door, rear bumper, and A pillar  all measuring between 130-160 microns. Vehicle exhibits a large amount of swirling and light scratching. Most defects on the driver’s door and hood. Rest of the vehicle limited 35-50% swirling, rear bumper with most significant damage due to the mediocre quality. HD Adapt was used in multiple sections to minimize the swirls. We also did a quick cleaning of the leather to the depth of blue dye transfer damage

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