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CarPro Iron-X Iron Remover Treatment

CarPro IronX Iron Remover Treatment

What is Iron-X?

CarPro Iron-X is an acid free pH balanced iron remover that dissolves embedded iron deposits and safely deep cleans your paint. Airborne chemical compounds and ferrous particles (such as rail dust) can create corrosion throughout paint layers. Orange specs that manifest on rear or top sections of a vehicle are evidence of slow “rusting” that can occur due to fall out. While normal detail shops use a clay bar to remove fall out, often the “tip” of the embedded dirt will be cut off leaving iron stems within the paint. Iron-X treatment will cleanse, brighten, shimmer, and gloss your  paint since the entire system is healthy.

Iron-X Treatment Process

Recommended application areas includes wheels, all exterior paint surfaces with emphasis on areas near tail pipes, rear bumpers, trunks, and roofs. It’s is essential to perform an initial wash, then another wash after the Iron-X chemical to properly neutralize everything.

Cost: Starting from $50 for amazing deep cleaning and safe proper fall out removal.

Does Iron-X Work on Wheels?

Absolutely! In fact, its safer than using extremely harsh acid based products that can eat into the finish of your wheel. Since Iron-X eats into the iron portion of brake dust, your painted surfaces remain stable and we ultimately remove the brake dust itself.

carpro iron-x

What about embedded wheel brake dust?

Iron-X itself is slightly gel like, however to be more efficient CarPro Iron-X Paste is designed specifically to target embedded brake dust.

wheel iron-x

CarPro Iron-X Fall Out Examples

wheel iron-x

Porsche Cayman CarPro Iron-X Treatment

cayman iron-x

panamera iron-x
panamera iron-x

Porsche Panamera Turbo CarPro Iron-X Treatment
lexus iron-x

Black Lexus IS-F Wheel Iron-X Treatment
audi s4 iron-x
audi s4 iron-x

Audi S4 White CarPro Iron-X Treatment

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