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C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating

C.A.R. Bulletproof Coating

Liquid Finish Detailing offers special Bulletproof Series Coating for the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Holly Springs, Apex, RDU, RTP, and North Carolina Area.

What is C.A.R Bulletproof Coating?

Bulletproof Coating is an extremely protective barrier made from glass nano particles that provides up to 2 years of protection. That coating can fill minor scratches or swirls and can be layer able up to 5 times for superior protection. Bulletproof Coating protects against dirt, water, oil, contamination, uv rays, bird bombs, water spots, and traffic film. From our numerous test vehicles we’ve found unbelievable gloss to metallic paint. Since C.A.R. Industries is made in USA the value and direct to door pricing offers a great value to any of our clients not willing to pay thousands for upper end coatings.

Cost to add CAR Bulletproof Coating ranges from $100 and Up depending on coverage.

Where can you apply Bulletproof Coating?

  • painted surfaces
  • headlights & lenses
  • wheels
  • plastic trim
  • metal surfaces
  • paint protection film or vinyl wraps

When should you apply Bulletproof Coating?

Ideally the best time to apply would be a New Car Treatment where the vehicle is untouched. Since the vehicle is as close to perfect, minimal effort is needed to apply the coating. Bulletproof Coating applies best with a perfect finish free of swirls, scratches, etching, contamination, and anything that hinders proper bonding.

Bulletproof Coating is also a great add on to our Paint Correction Services where we restore your paint to “close to perfect”.

Why use Bulletproof Coating?

The coating carries many attributes that far outclasses normal waxes or sealants:

  • adds thickness to paint (approximately 1-2 microns per layer)
  • stays cleans longer and easier against contamination
  • better  UV, scratch, & mar resistance
  • better resistance to chemical etching and oxidation
  • better gloss retention
  • better release properties to dirt and oil
  • will bead water and release dirt with a water contact angle of 110 degrees

How do you apply Bulletproof Coating?

Proper paint correction is necessary to prepare a perfect surface. We cannot emphasize how important the surface has to be clean, flat, and ready to absorb the coating. Essentially you are paying for the preparation of the coating versus the process of applying the coating. In our system, we spend 90% of the time getting the vehicle ready for Bulletproof Coating, and 10% ensuring Bulletproof Coating applies correctly. Thankfully, Bulletproof Coating is easier to use than most sealants or waxes so application is quite easier.


Do I need to maintain Bulletproof Coating? 

Absolutely. It is recommended to do normal detailing procedures such as regular proper safe wash maintenance, decontamination, and adding wax protection. Your detailing cycle is less intensive, so a regular clay bar and deep cleaning is needed far less. C.A.R. Industries has a number of maintenance products: Topper and Speed Seal maintenance products to ensure longevity of the coating.

Will Bulletproof Coating protect against everything in the world?


Bulletproof Coating is basically extra paint on your vehicle. In some cases severe etching, scratching, and wear & tear can occur on the coating. Just think of Bulletproof Coating as an additional hard layer of protection better than most sealants or waxes.


Contact us CONTACT@LIQUID-FINISH.COM or call 919.901.0088 to talk to a car care specialist.


bulletproof coating

2014 Urano Grey VW Passat New Car Bulletproof Coating

bulletproof coating
bulletproof coating
bulletproof coating


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    That coating looks really good, thanks for sharing, definitely picking up some for myself.

    • Brandon Woo on Mar 18, 2017 Reply

      Hello! I would go with Optimum Gloss Coat, CAR really has lost traction in the community. Although, layering CAR Bulletproof to this day has been a sneaky performer.

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