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The Best Car Microfiber

Best Car Microfiber

Love you car with the very best car microfiber available on the market!

Want the Best Car Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber towels are like toilet paper for your vehicle, don’t go cheap or poor quality. To get the best car microfiber towels, choose Korean towels as they are generally better than Chinese towels. Reputable companies don’t rebrand or repackage towels and have their own quality standard to uphold.
One of the most important aspects of having the best car microfiber towels is to maintain them properlyRead my huge microfiber care guide. No softener, bleach, or mixing different fabrics. Seal them in containers and don’t let them touch the ground. Use them once, wash them immediately. Demote towels for grungy tasks, separate them by task. You can never have enough towels. This is the only reusable tool that touches your car for years.

Top Tier Microfiber Companies:

Here is my evolving recommended microfiber list after trying hundreds of towels daily. These brands represent what I think are best car microfibers on the market:

theragcompany – a newcomer to the premium towel line with an emphasis on value. Checkout my review of their detailing microfiber line. The customer service and staff at the RagCompany are top notch. 
Drying: Dry Me A River Avalanche

best car microfiber

pakshak – the original premium quality microfiber towel distributor. Based in Hawaii, has been around forever and I’ve never heard issues or problems (such as lint, scratching, quality control) from this brand.
Towels: Waffle Weave or Ultra line are the towels to buy.

microfiber madness – Nothing but raves and amazing feedback for this German based microfiber company. A reputation for being the absolute best in quality on the market. They also happen to be the most expensive, prices start at $9 per towel.
Towels: Crazy Pile, Dry Me Crazy, WaveRider, and Yellow Fellow

best car microfiber

microfibertech – great value towels that work for more price conscious detailers and business operators. You can checkout a few of my review photos.
Korean: Korean WW Korean Drying Korean fluffy
Rinseless / Waterless: Extra Fluffy Waterless Wash 
Drying: 25×36 Microfiber Drying White
Buffing: Elite Ultrafine      Elite Plush

Other Best Car Microfiber Towels to Consider:

Griots Garage – probably the only quality locally available drying, buffing, and polishing towels. They are a safe bet and easy to grab when on sale.
Detailers DomainUber Line is a great start to car microfiber. The super drying microfiber is one of the most unique towels around.
CarPro USDetailedImage, and Autoality all make decent towels. I don’t recommend or Chemical Guys Towels due to the huge price discrepancies and mixed quality standards.

The Best Car Microfibers?

Purchase a ton of towels, generally you get what you pay for. This list will be an ongoing progress report of all the towels I test on the market!

Brandon Woo – Madman Detailer

best car microfiber

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