Audi R8 Phantom Black Paint Correction

Audi R8 Phantom Black V10 Paint Correction

Multi day paint correction car detail for a beautiful Audi R8 Phantom Black V10. Huge amount of dealership wash swirls, towel marks, and incorrect buffing procedures on the paint. Some areas were easily corrected with Meguiars MF Finish Pad & M205 Polish, however a ton of random isolated deep scratches on the rear fenders, hood, and rear trunk lid area. Most sharp curvy areas such as the front slitter and rear splitter were done by hand with HD Express. Vehicle was close to perfect and was restored back to proper like new condition.

Enjoy the Facebook Album commentary, this was a fun project and one of the few black metallic paints I enjoy working on
Brandon Woo


  • Cleaning:  Optimum Power Clean & Meguiar’s Rinseless Wash , Hyper Wash
  • Wheels & Wells: Liquid Finish’s Special “Super Clean” Solution, Hyper Wash
  • Tires: Meguiars APC+, Liquid Finish’s Special “Super Clean” Solution, Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing
  • Clayed with Nanoskin Glide & Optimum Opti-Clay / Optimum Opti Towel
  • Door & Trunk Jams: Car Soap & Optimum OptiClean, HD Express
  • Polish: HD Speed, Meguiars D301, 205, M100, Optimum Hyper Polish
  • Protect: Menzerna Powerlock & Ultima Paint Guard Plus
  • Various Products: Optimum OptiCleanHD Express
  • Interior:  Full Vacuum & Dusting, Optimum Protectant Plus, Leather Master Protection Cream, Einszett Cockpit Premium
  • Trim & Tire: Prima Nero & Ultima Tire & Trim Gel
  • Exhaust Pipe: Optimum Metal Polish & P21S Polishing Soap
  • Windows: HD Touch & Sprayaway Glass Cleaner



Audi R8 Phantom Black V10 Facebook Album – Click for Detail Progress & Commentary

r8 phantom black

r8 phantom black


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