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2015 Stingray Laguna Blue Paint Protection Film & Gloss Coat

Corvette Stingray Laguna Blue Paint Protection Film & Optimum Gloss Coat

Beautiful 2015 Laguna Blue Corvette Stingray booked for a special detail involving full body Xpel paint protection film. On top of the film was installation of Optimum Gloss Coat for a balance of shine & easy maintenance. Full paint protection film installation of XPel from our friends at, the only Raleigh based factory trained XPel installers in the area. Day one included full decontamination, polishing, and intensive crevice cleaning for proper film adhesion. After film was installed, we came back and performed some unique wheel buffing to remove swirls & scratches for a better finish. Film was wipedown again, then coated withOptimum Gloss Coa. One unique detail for some specialized results!

If you are looking for some extreme protection and a great balance of shine, XPel & Gloss Coat is for you!





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